“Time travel” still exists: scientists told what helps us return to the past

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Scientists have discovered that the smell of food can take us to key moments in our lives.

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It is known that the sense of smell is one of the most awakening senses. In a new study, scientists have focused on exploring how food smells can help us recall memories, writes the Daily Mail.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that a pizza eaten on a first date, or a burger eaten at graduation, can help us go back in time and immerse ourselves in that bright event again.

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For the study, a team from Lancaster University recruited 12 older people and collected a total of 72 memories from their lives. After the scientists developed special edible balls that simulate the original food from the memories.

Scientists found that half of people's memories were related to food. For example, grilled mackerel at a golden wedding, a Thai green curry dinner on vacation, or strawberries at the hospital after giving birth.

The study asked subjects to recall each of their memories before and after eating the taste cues. It turned out that people remembered more details from the past when their memories were enhanced by the smell of food.

According to scientists, their discovery in the future will significantly improve memory in people with dementia. Researchers propose creating a “memory album” for people with dementia to evoke and recall pleasant memories.

According to study co-author Dr. it is still little used.