Tina listed the pros of learning son abroad

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol has told about features of training of the son abroad. 11-year-old Benjamin for several years at school in the UK. The boy immediately went to the second class and perfectly fit into the English team.

Тина Кароль перечислила плюсы обучения сына за границей

In an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine”, the actress admitted that in England, the venue feels like a free man. Teachers are not doing the boy any favors due to the fact that his mother is a star, and his peers tease him that he had no dad.

“It couldn’t be any bullying or fights at school, humiliated by teachers or humiliated by students, peers, nobody caresses for the fact that the mother — star, he was not criticized for the fact that the mother — star, he does not retell the gossip, he was not teasing, that he had no father. From all of this I ran away. I don’t want to hurt the child, we have enough experience. So now he is a quiet man, happy, joyous, happy, free”, — said Tina.

“They are not in school are magazines, they have no common parent meetings where the parents are humiliated, children or forced to wash the floors, paint the walls, invest once the curtains or buy a gift to the teacher. I always wanted to learn, and work very hard to help your child find something that I could not have in my childhood”, — concluded the star.

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