Tips for really unwinding during your vacation


Tips for really pick up on vacation

To enjoy the holidays, disconnecting from social networks can be a good way to unwind and live in the moment.

Holidays unwinding can be a challenge for many people and changing routine can come with its share of stress. Social worker Marie-Pierre Godin shares her tips for a truly restful period of relaxation.

The idea of ​​having to have a successful vacation is very real, according to Marie-Pierre Godin, who is also co-owner of the Wellness Center in Bathurst, New Brunswick,

Se putting pressure on yourself to maximize your time is a mechanism that many people have at work. According to Marie-Pierre Godin, it is not uncommon to see this habit continue, even on vacation.

Individuals may also have unrealistic expectations of their vacations.

Sometimes we have people who come to see us precisely because they feel that they haven't necessarily taken advantage of their holidays enough, not made a success of their holidays, she says.

After putting themselves under such pressure to perform, these people return to the office just as exhausted as before they left.

Tip: lower your expectations.

Holidays are a great time to take a step back. However, mental work is necessary in order to succeed in dropping out as quickly as possible.

Letting go is not just stopping and stopping activities completely, it's really about changing our ideas about how we feed ourselves mentally, says Marie-Pierre Godin.

Enjoy the present moment, reconnect with your five senses, stimulate your brain by doing new simple activities outside the house: several little things allow you to let go.

Walking in the forest, in addition to promoting better heart function, lowers stress hormones.

According to Marie-Pierre Godin, planning the tasks related to the organization of your vacation before it begins can also be clever.

Delegating work and postponing tasks that are not urgent also allows you to make a break between work and the rest period.

It takes discipline, it doesn't It's not that easy […], but it's extremely important to feel good during our holidays, says Marie-Pierre Godin.

For parents who manage the holidays of all family, meeting everyone's expectations can be a challenge, especially when everyone's interests are very different.

Marie-Pierre Godin reminds us that it is important not to put pressure on yourself to perform with the children during the holidays.

Sometimes, too, it's to lower the expectations of the whole family, she says.

Children are more likely to be able to live in the moment, and parents are encouraged to do the same during their rest period.

An exercise she recommends is to have a family discussion before the holidays to prioritize and anticipate the activities on the schedule.

According to Marie- Pierre Godin, simplicity can work miracles: it is possible to break the routine with small local discoveries that are easy to plan.

She adds that for exhausted parents, far-reaching trips are not recommended.

To enjoy the holidays, disconnecting from social networks can be a good way to relax even more and live in the moment.

Although many people like to share their photos online holidays, the time spent on your phone and the number of social media used can however be reassessed.

We have some [social networks] that will just stimulate us a little too much and make us think too much about our work, recalls Marie-Pierre Godin. What we sometimes forget is that this hyper connection we have to social networks can also bring exhaustion.

Why not try to reduce your time on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube while on vacation?

Social media can also amplify comparisons or stress.

Yet you don't need a trip to Mykonos and photos on Instagram to experience paradise: Marie-Pierre Godin recalls that time spent with ourselves and our family can be a greater source of happiness than any stimulating adventures.

For those who travel during the holidays, returning home can be a stressful time, especially if the return to work and the children's routine starts again the next day.

In order to make a smooth transition, Marie-Pierre Godin has a piece of advice: do your housework and your laundry before going on vacation.

The idea is simple: have the fewest tasks housewives waiting for you on your return.

A good cleaning chore before your vacation will save you a lot of worries when you get back.

In fact, arriving in a clean house after a trip can reduce the feeling of a sudden return to reality.

To reduce even more the level of stress on your return, plan a meal already ready, in the freezer, so as not to find yourself in front of an empty fridge.

With that, happy holidays to all!

With information from the program L'heure de pointe — Acadie


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