Tips on how to get rid of debts and loans


August 4, 2022, 23:02 | Business

Success comes to those who do not doubt it.

Tips on how to get rid of debts and credits

Modern man is absolutely free and can do whatever he wants. Especially if in her hands there is knowledge about Transurfing reality, about the fact that everyone is free to choose their own fate and manage their lives. However, many people voluntarily "drive" themselves into a new kind of modern slavery — dependence on debts, loans and banks. Someone gives in to numerous temptations and such a pleasant thought at first glance: “receive immediately, now – pay later”. And someone takes on debt under duress, due to unfavorable circumstances, informs Ukr.Media.

How to get rid of debts and loans? Transurfing offers many techniques and tools to restructure your thinking, subconsciousness and habitual way of life in order to break out of this closed circle: “loan – next payment date – interest – payments”.

< strong id="i-1">What should not be done in any case, so as not to worsen the situation?

At first glance, debt or credit seems like a harmless thing. Especially if you have a stable salary and you know for sure that you will be able to pay it back. But they should be treated with great care, because any debt can grow and lead to the most serious consequences.

Firstly, the very fact of having loans plunges us into a psychological state of poverty, a constant feeling that you have less money than you need.

Secondly, loans take away our energy, especially if we start to worry and worry about them. A previously free person becomes a puppet, pulled by the strings of creditors, and gradually he has less and less strength and goals, and the desire to pay off debts turns into an obsessive thought.

So, let's consider what to do. under no circumstances if you already have several loans and you don't want to make things worse.

Debts and loans from the point of view of Transerfing reality are a spiral that spins up slowly and imperceptibly at first, and then stronger and faster. The first turn of the spiral is temporary financial difficulties. For example, your salary was delayed, insurance for a broken car was not paid, borrowed money was not returned. And, if you fell into depression because of this, began to get angry, anxious and resentful of life – consider that you got into a spiral and began to spin it yourself. Now one monetary loss will invariably be followed by another. Prices for the goods or services you need will jump, taxes will increase, profit or salary will decrease…

What can be done to stop a series of financial problems in the first place? Treat the troubles that have arisen as calmly as possible. Do not give them all your strength, nerves, emotions and energy. If you have already taken out a loan, don't dwell on it, think better what you can do to get rid of debt, what other opportunities to find to increase your earnings. Because as soon as you start emitting negative vibrations of stress, fear, anxiety, lack of money, the spiral spins more and more, the destructive pendulum of debt absorbs your energy, and your situation in material reality only worsens.

Remember: what you broadcast is what you get. That is why in Transurfing, so much attention is paid to the correct translation, that is, to the conscious choice of the internal state that you will “mirror” to the outside world.

If you start every morning with the setting "no money" – they will become fewer and fewer. You yourself will not notice how you will pass from a completely well-off person with temporary difficulties to the life line of a poor person and an eternal debtor.

To prevent this from happening, consciously give up such emotions and feelings as: resentment, aggression, fear, doubts, dissatisfaction, depression, apathy, despair, hopelessness, anxiety. Even if things are going really badly, and creditors have already started to torment you with daily calls – do not succumb to the provocations of the pendulum. Control your thoughts, shift your focus from debt to your goals, take specific actions in the physical world, and work with your body to relieve stress.

These tips will help you get rid of debt:

< p>Move the focus of attention to the target

The first and most effective thing you can do to start getting rid of debt and credit is to stop thinking about it. In general. Shift your attention to your goals — to what you want to get, how you want to live. It is clear that you want to pay off debts. And what then? Imagine for a minute what you will do when you get rid of your loans. What will you do? What will you spend the money on when it becomes more?

Loans and debts are always given only in the process of moving towards goals. So don't think about how many coins you need to pay off your debt. Think about what you really want. For example, go on a trip around the world. Or build a country house. Define a global goal for yourself that will resonate in your soul. And let your thoughts, attention and energy be on this goal, and not on negative attitudes “I have a lot of debt'', “I don't have enough money''.

< strong id="i-2">Formulate the intention correctly

The most powerful tool for achieving goals is intention. It is not a hope, not a dream, not an expectation – but a firm, calm determination to have and act. When we work correctly with this tool, the energy of external intention is connected, which brings us closer to the desired result. From the outside, it sometimes seems that miracles are happening: new opportunities appear out of nowhere, doors open, circumstances develop in the most successful way.

The main thing is to formulate the intention correctly. Very often, beginners in the practice of Transurfing prescribe: “I will get rid of my debts”, “I will receive a million and pay off my debts”. In reality, such an intention will not work effectively. In the intention, it is necessary to write down not the desire to repay the loan, but your real goal – what you are going to do when you will no longer be restrained by financial obligations. Write: "I am the owner of a country house on the bank of the river" or “I'm going on a six-month trip on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea''. Or, if you definitely want to specify a specific amount of money, then it can be the following wording: "I successfully create and develop my business, and my profit per month is from… hryvnias. I exercise my talents and help people through my business".

Reduce importance

The importance of Reality Transurfing is precisely all your fears, anxieties and doubts that arise when you start thinking about debts and loans. Yes, sometimes it is very difficult to lower the importance and stop worrying when there is really no money, and creditors regularly charge you interest and penalties, and the amount of debt only increases… But, if you really intend to break out of this closed circle – raise awareness and do techniques for reducing importance.

Enter a new state

The world of Transurfing is a mirror. When you send him the image of a successful, rich, confident person, after some time this image manifests itself in material reality. If, on the other hand, a worried and doubtful debtor stands in front of the mirror, then reality will not change for him. Therefore, learn to choose the inner state according to your desire. To begin with, play a little for yourself. Imagine that you are already a wealthy person. Forget about loans for a while. Behave like a millionaire, try on this role. And every day broadcast this state – a state of success, luck and prosperity. In Transurfing, such a broadcast acts as a separate, very effective technique. Trust your world. And he himself will open all the doors for you.

Control your thoughts

Now is a very energy-intensive time, when energy really matters a lot. A lot of people, especially those who practice Transurfing, notice: you just have to think about something – and it happens instantly. All "small" desires are realized in a flash, and at the same time all fears are immediately justified. Therefore, in the conditions of the new times, it is more important than ever to be able to manage your thoughts, control them and choose at your own discretion.

Yes, it is difficult to get rid of thoughts about debts and loans, especially if collectors are already calling you and receiving SMS messages and letters from the bank. But it is up to you. Do practices to engage the caregiver and increase awareness. Do not focus your attention on debts, otherwise you will only multiply them. Remember: where your thoughts are, there is your life. Consciously track your thoughts time and time again and, as soon as you catch yourself thinking about debt again, transfer them to your goals. As soon as you find a negative attitude in your head, for example: “I don't have enough money to pay off my debts,'' — immediately replace it with a positive one: "I have enough money. I will soon pay back all the debts. New possibilities open up for me.

Involve the body in the work

The most effective way to reduce the importance of debt and increase your personal energy level to shift your focus away from your loans and start moving towards your goals is to engage your body. You can do whatever you like: walk, run, swim, dance, play your favorite sport, or perform body-energy practices. There are only two recommendations.

First, make regular movement and body work a habit, devote at least 15 minutes to it every day and at least 1 hour 3-4 times a week.

< p>Secondly, whatever kind of sport or physical activity you choose, engage in it consciously, declaring the intention: "I have a million opportunities that I successfully use and implement in this life" or “I have good health, a lot of energy and strength”. Just run this setup through your mind before you take action. Let your attention be completely in this moment for 1 minute. At the same time, make sure that there is no unnecessary tension and craving. It should be calm concentration and focus.

Program yourself for success

Every morning you can set yourself up for success in advance using energy messages or amalgams. Amalgams are positive thought forms, one of the most interesting and effective tools of Transurfing.


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