Tips that will help you survive a difficult day at work


June 18, 2022, 08:08 | Business

Split your time into blocks and don't try to be the best.

Advice that will help survive a difficult day at work

A busy working day is when there are tasks that require extreme concentration and attention. Or when it is necessary to have time to complete a large amount of work. And sometimes a difficult day at work is connected with the appearance of sudden difficulties or force majeure circumstances, informs Ukr.Media.

Here are five tips on how to get through difficult and stressful days at the office with minimal stress.

Get rid of noise and multitasking

In order to increase your productivity, you should exclude all distracting factors. First of all, we are talking about gadgets. Put your phone on silent mode, turn off notifications. So it will be easier for you to concentrate on the work.

Do colleagues disturb each other with loud conversations? Wear headphones or bring earplugs. Close the windows to avoid the distraction of passing cars.

You can also ask colleagues not to distract you from work by referring to strict deadlines. If you have adequate employees in your team, then they will understand everything and will not drag you once more.

Another point is to avoid multitasking so as not to expose yourself to additional stress. Otherwise, you will be distracted by one thing, then another, and in the end you will not have time to do anything at all. Tackle things one by one, starting with those with the highest priority and those that require urgent completion.

Divide the day into blocks

< p>It is good if you know that you have a busy and difficult day ahead of you. Then you can prepare for it in advance. A good tip is to divide the day into blocks. Each block contains a solution to a certain problem.

To stay motivated and stay productive, do the following. Write down a list of things in order of priority. Set aside a specific amount of time for each task. At work, try to stick to these limits.

Use the following technique

If after completing one task, you will immediately start another , then you can quickly exhaust your energy and internal resources. The body needs to rest. To do this, use the following technique.

You work for twenty-five minutes and rest for five. This is within the scope of one task. When you finish one thing, then take a longer rest, for example from half an hour, and after that go back to work again. That way you won't feel like a squeezed lemon by the end of the day.

Put other things off for later

Even if you have clearly planned your working day, small matters may still arise that have nothing to do with what you are doing now. It is very important to remember that these matters are in the last place in terms of priority. You should not be distracted by them. Do the planned amount of work first, and only then, if there is time, come back to these minor things. In order not to forget, you can record them on paper by writing them in a diary.

Don't try to be the best

Perfectionism is not the best quality . Especially when it comes to quickly solving important and urgent tasks. If you turn on your inner perfectionist, you will focus on the little things. Then you will feel the lack of time and finish the rest of the work half-heartedly, as it turns out.

This is not good for anywhere. If you work in this mode, you can either not get anything done, or make a lot of mistakes. Suppress the desire to do the job perfectly and become better if you are limited in time. Concentrate on the result: that you need to meet the deadline, submit the project on time, so as not to let your superiors down. Remind yourself that what is good but not perfect is still good.


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