TM “Stozhar” was awarded the best steak restaurant in Ukraine

ТМ «Стожар» наградила лучший мясной ресторан в Украине

How to find out which restaurants, cafes, bars trustworthy client? There is one simple technique. Please note the winners of the most prestigious Ukrainian award “SALT”. Recently her partner was the chef-oil “Stozhar”. The brand has decided to promote the development of culinary culture in Ukraine.

TM “Stozhar” supports the ambitious goal of the national award “SALT” and the Association of restaurateurs Hoteliero is to turn Ukraine into the most hospitable country until 2022.

In total for the title of best restaurant of the country competed 2 874 institution. The final included 187, they were visited by members of the jury who gave marks according to four criteria: cuisine, service, atmosphere and specialty.

By the way, how much do you think there are varieties of dining establishments — cafes, bars, restaurants?.. Award “SALT” counted as many as 18 such categories.

And here 1 Dec finalists from 23 cities of Ukraine gathered in Kyiv, where a large ceremony, which was held in Parkovy center, named 18 the best in their categories.

Inna Tokhtarov, chief of marketing Department of the company KERNEL, rewarding on stage, the chef of the restaurant BEEF meat & wine Alexei Semenkova, said, “Chef butter “Stozhar”, the company’s brand KERNEL, the world’s largest exporter of sunflower oil, became a partner of the award “SALT” in order to along with the best chefs to carry out its social mission — to develop Haute cuisine in Ukraine. Chief-oil “Stozhar” is already selected thousands of Ukrainian Amateur cooks, and now we want to win the same trust among professional chefs”.

Gift from TM “Stozhar” for the winner of one ton of oil is the supply for the restaurant for a whole year of work.

ТМ «Стожар» наградила лучший мясной ресторан в Украине

So, the best food establishments in Ukraine in 2019 were: best coffee — Coffee Roasters Foundation (Odessa), pub Varvar bar (Kiev), city café Dizyngoff (Odessa, Ukraine), the Ukrainian restaurant “Kanapa restaurant. salon” (Kiev), beer restaurant “This is a Pub” (Trostyanetskaya str., 4/2, Kiev), restaurant with wine — Vino e Cucina (Kiev), beef restaurant BEEF meat & wine (Kiev), a rustic restaurant — Fabius (Kiev), street-food — “Divine tacos” (Odessa), wine cellar — Win Bar (Kiev), bar — Newtown Daily Bar (Kiev), the café-bakery — a bakery “the Living bread” (Lviv), fish restaurant — Restaurant Odessa (Kiev), on-site restaurant — Comme il Fault (InterContinental Kyiv), bakery — Milk Bar (Kiev), national cuisine restaurant, “the Chichikov” (Kiev), Asian restaurant — Spicy no Spicy (Kiev), open year — market relations (Dnipro).

At the ceremony of awarding the trademark “Stozhar” was represented by restaurateurs new range of crafting oils first cold pressed “Stozhar Premium Select”. It’s 5 new flavors: flax, hemp, pumpkin, sesame and peanut oils that help not only at home but in institutions the power to diversify and do creative cooking. Each of the oil complements any dish, such as lamb recommended walnut, and fish dishes well suited linseed oil, to salads hemp.

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