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To counter Free, SFR is releasing a CRAZY priced 5G package with 300 GB of internet 😱

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Aside from Free Mobile, no other telecom operator on the market offered mobile plans with more than 200 GB of internet. Until now, the latter was content to offer their subscribers envelopes reaching a maximum of 200 GB. With its , RED by SFR clearly has the ambition to walk on the platforms- bands of the telecoms troublemaker.

Even if it includes 27 GB of internet usable from the EU and the DOM (compared to 35 GB for the Free package), it still offers quality services, including unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. Also, SFR's 5G network is more efficient, and offers much higher speeds.

This also comes in 2nd position, all operators combined (4th position for Free). Concretely, it therefore remains a better choice, especially if you are looking for a package delivering an ultra-fast connection. To benefit from 5G, all you need to do is have a compatible phone or tablet, and be in an area covered by it.

Of course, not everyone needs such a package. That said, if you are not often at home or you do not have internet access via a box, it can easily do double duty since RED by SFR authorizes data sharing via modem mobile.

A wide range of packages for everyone

If it stands out with its mega 300 GB package, RED by SFR does not forget to cover all profiles and budgets with three other more reasonable packages, both in terms of quantity of internet than the price. Thus, it offers on its site a mini package with 2 GB for 1.99 euros per month (including 2 GB in EU and DOM), a 30 GB package for 5.99 euros (including 12 GB in roaming) or even a intermediate plan including 120 GB (including 24 GB in EU/DOM) for 8.99 euros.

Note that only the 120 and 300 GB packages include 5G as standard, at no additional cost, and that it is possible to add it as an option (+3€) only to the 30 GB package. In short, RED by SFR offers a wide range, capable of meeting everyone's needs. Furthermore, all of them are without long-term commitment, which means that you can cancel whenever you want, without notice, proof, or additional costs.

For example, if you want to limit the use of mobile internet for your teenager, the 2 GB package at 1.99 euros will do the job perfectly. In case you often use the Wi-Fi connection at your home or office, the 30 GB one should be enough. Finally, for more intensive uses, we recommend that you go for the 120 GB or 300 GB one, to be sure to never run out of internet.

You can find all the offers, available options and subscription conditions. Finally, know that switching from one operator to another while keeping your telephone number is very simple. To do this, simply communicate your RIO code to your new operator.

The latter will then take care of transferring your number to him – but also the termination of your old package. Remember that you can easily find out what your RIO code is by calling 3179 (free call).

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