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To everyone's surprise, Amazon launches a new Echo product at a very low price


L’Echo Spot 2024 presents itself as a compact and versatile device, designed to fit perfectly into any room in the house, but more particularly in the bedroom. Featuring a circular screen and a sleek design, this new version promises to further overhaul the way we interact with technology as soon as we wake up.

At the heart of the Echo Spot, Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, offers a multitude of features. One of the most notable is its ability to personalize the waking experience. As Amazon explains, users can easily set their alarm using natural voice commands. For example, just say: “Alexa, set an alarm clock every day for 7 a.m. with 90s music” for the device to execute the request.

The Echo Spot also incorporates advanced weather features, displaying not only the temperature but also illustrations corresponding to current weather conditions. This visual function adds a practical and pleasant dimension to the user experience. Nothing really revolutionary compared to the previous version, but still just as effective.

Hardware Update

Amazon has especially focused on the aesthetics of its new Echo Spot by first offering six different colors (orange , purple, magenta, lime green, blue-green and blue) can be customized as desired by mixing these colors with various clock faces. Enough to blend into any decor.

The engineers also worked on the audio, also l&amp ;#8217;Echo Spot is equipped with a directional speaker and a 1.73-inch display located on the front. Amazon promises “clear vocals and deep bass”, which should satisfy music lovers when they wake up. The device supports several popular streaming services, including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer, providing a wide selection of audio content.

Connected home integration is another major advantage of the Echo Spot. It can be easily integrated into Alexa routines, allowing you to automate various daily tasks. For example, it is possible to create a wake-up routine that gradually turns on the lights and starts a specific playlist. Likewise, an evening routine can be programmed to dim the lights, adjust the thermostat and play relaxing music.

Connectivity is also highlighted with the ability to make calls to other Alexa devices, make announcements throughout the home, or use the 'Digital' feature. Drop In” for fast voice communications. Nothing new here, the first Echo Spot already allows you to accomplish all these tasks.

A mini price… for Prime subscribers

What is most surprising in this announcement is undoubtedly the aggressive price of the # 8217;Echo Spot 2024. While the recommended retail price is set at 94.99 euros, Amazon is offering an exceptional introductory offer for its Prime customers. As part of Prime Day 2024, the device is available at the reduced price of 54.99 euros, a reduction of almost 42%. Please note, this offer is limited in time and subject to stock availability. Interested consumers will therefore need to act quickly to take advantage of this promotion.

  • Amazon launches the Echo Spot 2024, a new version of its connected alarm clock featuring Alexa and a customizable screen.
  • The device is above all a hardware update of the previous generation with a larger screen and speaker.
  • Offered at 94.99 euros, the & #8217;Echo Spot is available at 54.99 euros for Prime subscribers, an exceptional discount.

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