To start the week off right: the 3 series with which you won't stop laughing on Netflix


If you are looking for content that helps you distract yourself and start the week with a smile, we have the ideal solution. Take note!

To start the week off right: the 3 series with which you will not stop laughing on Netflix

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It starts the last week of June and if you are looking for content that will help you distract yourself and reduce the typical pressures, we have three infallible recommendations that you can enjoy on the company's streaming service of the red N.

Paquita Salas

Paquita Salas was a Spanish series directed and scripted by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi and starring Brays Efe in the main role of Paquita Salas. It is a comedy series by the production company Estudios Buendía (formed by Atresmedia and Telefónica), which premiered through the Flooxer (Atresmedia) platform. Due to the good acceptance of its preview, the series was also broadcast on the channel Neox.? Since October 2017, Netflix has the exclusive rights to the series, disappearing from Flooxer.

The second season premiered on Netflix on June 29, 2018,5? and the third premiered on June 28, 2019. A fourth season has not been ruled out, but “it will take time”,? due to the creators' busy project schedule.

Almost a duchess

Written and starring Katherine Ryan, and available on Netflix, it shows the B-side of a woman who had a Barbie destiny. But she turned the other way.

She's a single mom juggling her career, her pre-teen daughter and an adorable boyfriend, but she wants another baby, and the most viable option seems to be her ex. Katherine Ryan stars in this edgy comedy that she wrote and produced based on her own life.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

When a girl is rescued from a doomsday cult and lands in the middle of New York, she will have to learn to deal with a world that I thought no longer existed.

It is worth mentioning that this production received 18 Emmy nominations, including 4 nominations for best comedy and 9 for cast.



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