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Tolls: this new feature could cost you a big fine


The fateful hour is approaching. From June 26, the toll barriers on the A14 motorway located in Île-de-France will be removed. Unfortunately, there is still a charge for the passage, and if you do not take the step, you even risk paying a hefty fine. Explanations.

How to pay ?

In an interview au Parisien , Arnaud Quémard, general director of Sanef, praised “the biggest revolution on motorways since they existed”. Concretely, you will move freely while gantries equipped with sensors and cameras will read electronic toll badges, license plates, and determine the class of the vehicle.

The motorist must then connect to the Sanef website within 72 hours and enter their license plate to pay by bank card. For cash payments, you will need to go to a tobacco shop in the Nirio network (Française des Jeux) and indicate your license plate number. Note that it is also possible to pay by credit card without paying.

What will happen if you don't pay ?

The manager also discussed the procedure in the event of absence of payment. After 72 hours, Sanef will go to the registration file to send a letter to motorists. He gives ten additional days and reminds the procedure to follow.

And Arnaud Quémard continues: “After this period, you will have to pay the amount of the toll plus a lump sum of 10 euros, then, between fifteen and sixty days from the passage, the amount of the toll, plus 90 euros” . Worse, after sixty days, the file will be sent to the public prosecutor who will issue a fine of 375 euros!

A mixed result

A severity that raises questions. Last November, we returned to the experience of the A79, the first motorway without a toll barrier launched in France. This free-flow toll has generated numerous unpaid bills: 180,000 in total, while 800,000 penalty files have accumulated.

Despite these rather unflattering figures, “all new highways built in France will be equipped with the free flow system”, confirmed the CEO of 'APRR to our colleagues d'Auto Plus. If this topic interests you, you can always consult our dedicated article here.

What to remember:

  • Toll barriers on the A14 motorway will disappear
  • Motorists will have to pay by card on the Sanef website or in cash in tobacco shops
  • If they forget to take this step, the fine can go up to 375 euros

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