Tom Cruise, Will Smith… Hollywood stars' salaries revealed


A survey has revealed the salaries of Hollywood's biggest stars in 2022 and while Tom Cruise, thanks to Top Gun: Maverick, is at the top of the list, some positions come as a surprise.

Even if the French are famous for their difficulty in talking about money and especially salary, we must admit that, like those of football players, the salaries of stars have always been a great subject of discussion, fascination and let's face it, jealousy . Recently, we learned that Tom Cruise was going to receive a very big salary for Top Gun 2, thanks to the many spectators.

Indeed, if the actors and actresses receive a fixed salary, like any average employee, some also pocket a percentage of receipts, which depends on the success of the film in theaters. Thus, if the interpreter of Maverick received a first pay of 13 million dollars, an investigation revealed by Variety magazine indicates that in fact, the actor pocketed 100 million dollars for his performance, a figure that buries the salary of all the most bankable actors and actresses of the moment.

In second, third and fourth place in the ranking of the biggest salaries, Apple TV+ takes control and proves that it has no fear (and that money is not an issue). Thus, we find Will Smith for his film Emancipation, which is scheduled for release in 2023 on the platform, Leonardo DiCaprio for his role in Killers of the Flower Moon as well as Brad Pitt for a future Formula 1 film. Actors Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell also find themselves at the top end of the rankings thanks to another Apple TV+ film, Spirited, a Christmas musical. We also note that the two actors receive a similar salary of 20 million dollars, as much as Chris Hemsworth for Extraction 2, Vin Diesel for Fast X or even Tom Hardy for Venom 3.

The release of films on platforms logically raises the question of the percentage of receipts since, unlike films released in theaters, those released on platforms do not generate money in the same way. This is what Scarlett Johansson complained about who attacked Disney, after learning that Black Widow was going to be released simultaneously on Disney +, which therefore reduced its premium on the receipts of the film . Even if Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell could touch a percentage more, we doubt that it reaches that of Cruise for Top Gun 2.

Note also that some actors are also producers of the films in which they star and therefore their final pay will be much higher than that announced by the table, which does not take into account these additional incomes, such as those received by the stars for the marketing and promotion of the film. Variety reports that Dwayne Johnson paid $22.5 million for Black Adam, stands to receive millions more for producing the film and promoting it on his personal social media.

Thus Denzel Washington, producer of Equalizer 3, or Vin Diesel, producer of Fast X, will therefore see their cachet increased. It's also interesting to see how much sequels can pay off for actors, since by signing his return in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, Jason Momoa would have doubled his salary and could collect $ 15 million, almost as much as Joaquin Phoenix who would pocket 20 million for Joker 2, while the first part brought him “only” 4.5 million.

Finally, in the eighteenth position, a woman appears. Margot Robbie, paid as much as her partner Ryan Gosling for Barbie, Greta Gerwig's film, and therefore finds herself in first position in the women's ranking with 12.5 million dollars, as much as Steve Carell who voices Gru in Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru. We are pleasantly surprised to discover that the young Millie Bobby Brown is part of this ranking for Enola Holmes 2 and that she will pocket more than Timothée Chalamet for Wonka.

If actor salaries in Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan's next film, seem low enough, Variety magazine says that some actors are ready to lower their usual salary to have the privilege of playing for a filmmaker like Nolan, and that above all, like Tom Cruise, they could pocket much more depending on the success of the film, which we can't wait to see.


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