Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump): this video which worries about his state of health


Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump): this video which worries about his state of health

Recently, while promoting the Elvis movie in which he plays Tom Parker, Tom Hanks was seen in his worst condition and his condition health worries his fans.

While promoting the biopic Elvis in which Tom Parker plays, the famous singer's manager, Tom Hanks worries his fans more and more. The reason ? As you can see with the video below, during a conference in Gold Coast, a city in Australia, the actor of Forrest Gump appeared at worst. Indeed, it was filmed in full tremorand this, without the possibility of controlling his body. The 65-year-old man tried to put his left hand under his right hand on the microphone in an attempt to calm the tremors, to no avail. Very quickly, this moment was broadcast on social networks and caused a huge reaction from internet users. ?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Its weight as well as its tremorsasked the actor’s fans a lot of questions. Twitter reads: “Tom Hanks is sick? Why is he so skinny? “He made Tom Hanks a lot thinner.” I hope he's not sick”, “Tom Hanks is sick? He’s not looking well’ or “He looks like he’s aged all of a sudden” he has lost weight”, “Unfortunately, his declining health may indicate Parkinson's disease“, “I love Tom Hanks. I saw him on screen recently and thought he looked very thin. I hope he's okay.”. But then, does the one who plays Paul Edgecomb in The Green Line have serious health problems? As of this writing, he has yet to speak following the release of this video.

Tom Hanks has diabetes

As our colleagues from Closer remind us, in 2013, Tom Hanks revealed that he had diabetes. “I went to the doctor and he said, 'You know those high blood sugar numbers you've been dealing with since you were 36? Well, you graduated, you have type 2 diabetes, young man,'” the actor said. Since he found out he was sick, he changed his ways. He said: “I try to keep an hour of activity every day. It can be anything, whether it’s a treadmill, walking, or hiking with a dog, but it should be an hour each day. I watch what I eat until I get bored, and every once in a while I cheat until I feel self-loathing.”.