Tom Hanks sells an old Fiat from his collection at auction (video)


Tom Hanks is auctioning off an old Fiat from his collection (video)

Tom Hanks decided to buy a Fiat 128 after filming the 2017 film The Secret File. The actor took up the restoration of the car, but did not complete it.

In the United States, a 1975 Fiat 128 is put up for auction by Bring a Trailer. This inconspicuous budget retro car will sell for a lot of money, because its owner is Tom Hanks. The details of the car were revealed on the website of the auction house.

 Tom Hanks auctions off an old Fiat from his collection (video) The actor liked the car, and he decided to buy it.</p>
<p>Tom Hanks started restoring the car and repainted it dark green. But he did not have time to restore the interior – the interior is worn out and full of holes.</p>
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Tom Hanks' Fiat back was serviced with the replacement of antifreeze and repair of the ignition system. It starts, but the generator and throttle still need to be put in order. This 1.3-liter four develops 75 hp. With. and is paired with a 4-speed manual transmission.

Tom Hanks is auctioning an old Fiat from his collection (video)

Tom Hanks will donate all proceeds from the Fiat 128 for charity. It should be noted that the actor is a collector, but among the cars of Tom Hanks, not well-known classic models prevail, but rather simple mass cars.


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