Tomasz Kammel surprised viewers with a live program. Do the presenter plan life changes


Tomasz Kammel did something very unusual during the breakfast, asking for breakfast.

 Tomasz Kammel surprised the viewer in the live program. Do the presenter plan life changes

Anyone who has seen Tomasz Kammel's performance at least once knows well that a journalist and host of many programs & oacute ; in the type of talent show he has a great sense of humor, distance himself from himself.

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There is no doubt that thanks to this, it is very popular with many TV viewers Poland.

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Tomasz Kammel made Agnieszka Dziekan's dream come true? Everything happened live

The presenter is always able to surprise both viewers and colleagues by doing or mixing something unexpected during a live broadcast, and with Izabela Krzan he creates a perfectly harmonious duo of speakers who were suspected by tabloids some time ago having an affair. Nothing like this has been officially confirmed.

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This time, by fooling around behind the cameraman's back, Tomasz Kammel and co-leader Izabella Krzan distracted the weather girl Agnieszka Dziekan.

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At one point, the journalist fell to his knees and asked the weatherman to marry him. For proof of my intentions, I will put a slipper on her feet. As the media reports, these were another jokes of the amused stars of Polish Television. The co-leader of Tomasz Kammel por brought this situation to the Cinderella story.

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The amused weatherwoman said she had waited her whole life for this moment.

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