Tomasz Lis posted a moving video online. In it, he talks about the surgery that awaits him

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Tomasz Lis is waiting for surgery. When will it take place?

Tomasz Lis posted a moving video on the web. He talks about the upcoming surgery

According to the “Super Express” portal, Tomasz Lis is in the hospital. The journalist is to undergo a serious operation related to a heart defect that was discovered in him. Lis posted a recording made in the hospital on his social media. What's on it?

Tomasz Lis in the hospital

Tomasz Lis has serious health problems. The journalist has already had 4 strokes, and on the occasion of the last one, he was diagnosed with a heart defect. Currently, the journalist is staying at the clinic in Anin. In the recording posted online on Sunday, December 4, Lis revealed that he will undergo a serious operation on Monday.

Lis looks to the future with hope and, as he emphasizes, hopes that the surgery will be successful and that he will soon be able to enjoy a fully functional heart. We hope that the journalist will be able to give us good news soon. If that happens, we'll be sure to let you know!

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