Tomasz Lis was hospitalized again. Fans do not hide their concern about the journalist's health

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Tomasz Lis in the hospital again.

Tomasz Lis was hospitalized again. Fans do not hide their concern about the journalist's health

According to the “Super Express” portal, Tomasz Lis is currently in the Center Heart Rhythm Disorders in Anin. The journalist provided this information via social media. Lis's supporters do not hide their concerns about his health.

Tomasz Lis has serious heart problems

Tomasz Lis went to a medical facility where his heart problems will be dealt with by the former head of the Ministry of Health, Łukasz Szumowski. Fans of the journalist will certainly be reassured by the fact that the journalist's life is not in danger, as evidenced by the fact that he posted an entry in social media and is preparing to watch the struggle of Polish and Argentine footballers.

In mid-October, sympathizers journalist again experienced a moment of horror, because Tomasz Lis admitted that he had suffered the fourth stroke in his life. It turned out that the cause of subsequent strokes is a heart defect, which, as the journalist himself wrote, requires “darning”.

There are a lot of comments under Tomasz Lis' entry< /strong>

The followers of Tomasz Lis wished him a full recovery and full strength. Many Internet users in their entry referred to the match between Poland and Argentina, pointing out that perhaps it would be safer for the journalist's heart if he did not watch the football struggles of our national team.

“Is it safe. Match and heart” – we read in one of the comments. “You are in good hands and the players will put you in a great mood tomorrow. Good health!” – added another commenter.

We hope that soon we will have the opportunity to provide you with positive information both about the journalist's health and about the promotion of our national team to the next phase of the World Cup.

What result do you bet on?

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