Tomasz Sekielski spoke about Tomasz Lis. “His predatory style of management hurt specific people”


What does Tomasz Sekielski say about the charges against Tomasz Lis?

 Tomasz Sekielski spoke about Tomasz Lis.

As the “Super Express” portal reminds, Tomasz Lis was dismissed from the position of the editor-in-chief of “Newsweek”, which was widely reported in the media. It quickly turned out that the reason was accusations that the journalist had committed a number of inappropriate behavior towards his subordinates. Tomasz Sekielski, who took up the position of editor-in-chief in “Newsweek”, referred to the case. What did he say about his predecessor?

Tomasz Sekielski new editor-in-chief of “Newsweek”

Tomasz Sekielski took over as editor-in-chief of “Newsweek” after Tomasz Lisa, who left the post in an atmosphere of scandal. Sekielski emphasized that he was aware of when he was taking the reins of the weekly and assured him that he believed in the new opening.

He also mentioned the boss Tomasz Lis was, with whom he cooperated on TVN. Sekielski emphasized that when it comes to his journalistic workshop, he owes a lot to Tomasz Lis. But he added that he certainly couldn't call him his “favorite boss”.

 Tomasz Sekielski spoke about Tomasz Lis.

Tomasz Sekielski about Tomasz Lisa

In his opinion, in managing people, Lis very often used the “stick” method without reaching for the “carrot”. Sekielski mentioned that Tomasz Lis had an outburst in anger quite often. It was supposed to demand a lot from others, which was accompanied by constant pressure. Sekielski added that not everyone was able to withstand it.

Tomasz Sekielski revealed that by taking over the editorial office of “Newsweek”, he started with talks with employees, from which a rather toxic image of the atmosphere in the editorial office emerged. . While many journalists experienced inappropriate behavior from Lis, there were others who had no objection to the former editor.

 Tomasz Sekielski spoke about Tomasz Lis.

Sekielski finally stated that the style of work and management of people in the case of Tomasz Lis has not changed at all, and his “predatory style of management made it more difficult for specific people”.

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