Tomasz Stockinger experienced moments of terror. “I have to be a little more careful.” What is it about

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Tomasz Stockinger made a sincere confession.

 Tomasz Stockinger experienced moments of horror.

Tomasz Stockinger about his participation in “Fort Boyard”

Tomasz Stockinger is known not only for his love of acting, but also for tennis. The actor keeps fit and appears regularly on the courts. Some time ago, the actor underwent major heart surgery. He admitted that although he is physically active and functioning nomally, he still has concerns about pushing his heart in a special way.

“I informed the production that extreme tasks are not for me, because even mentally I am afraid of some radical effort or temperature, e.g. cold water. I have to be a little more careful” – revealed Stockinger in an interview with “Super Express”.

Ultimately, however, he decided to take part in the TVP show and, as he admitted, he does not regret this decision at all. The actor noted that he took part in easier and more difficult tasks, but all of them turned out to be great fun.

Heart problems

Recall that Tomasz Stockinger underwent open-heart surgery last year. The actor then suffered from damage to the mitral valve. After the operation, he admitted that he was afraid of the worst and therefore he said goodbye to his loved ones before going to the operating room.

Fortunately, the surgery went smoothly and the actor recovered.

Getting to” Fort Boyard “fans?

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