Tomasz Stockinger mentioned Agnieszka Kotulanka in moving words. “There will be forever sadness after she is gone”


Tomasz Stockinger remembers his serial wife Agnieszka Kotulanka.

 Tomasz Stockinger mentioned Agnieszka Kotulanka in moving words.

As the “Pomponik” portal reminds, Tomasz Stockinger gained popularity thanks to the role of Dr. Paweł Lubicz in the series “Klan”. For many years the role of his wife was played by Agnieszka Kotulanka. In one of the last interviews, the actor mentioned his former friend from the set. What did he say?

Tomasz Stockinger mentions Agnieszka Kotulanka

Tomasz Stockinger has been associated with the “Klan” series from the very beginning, i.e. for a quarter of a century. In an interview with “Fakt” he revealed that during the 25 years of playing in the series he experienced many goodbyes and partings with people he saw almost every day.

These farewells had very different characters. Some of the actor decided to quit the role, and some simply died. One of the actresses who are no longer with us is Agnieszka Kotulanka – the serial wife of the character played by Stockinger.

 Tomasz Stockinger mentioned in moving words Agnieszka Kotulanka.

In an interview with the tabloid, Tomasz Stockinger admitted that “there will be sadness forever after Agnieszka Kotulanka's departure”. He added that in such a long history as “Klan” has, difficult farewells on the set cannot be avoided. He reminded that not only the actors but also the members of the technical team were dying.

Tomasz Stockinger admitted that each such death had a strong impact on everyone, because the team working on the set of the series is for themselves, like a family. No wonder, since they spend a lot of time together. “Everyone who passed away is in my memory and in my heart,” the actor assured.

Agnieszka Kotulanka's departure

Agnieszka Kotulanka played the role of Krystyna Lubicz from early filming of the series until 2013. Unfortunately, the alcoholism she suffered from caused her to lose her job on the soap opera set and completely withdraw from show business.

Many people believed that the actress would be able to deal with the disease. While things were going in the right direction, Agnieszka Kotulanka suffered a stroke as a result which died on February 20, 2018.

 Tomasz Stockinger mentioned in moving words Agnieszka Kotulanka.

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