Too Good To Go, the anti-waste app, hits supermarkets

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A great acquisition which specializes this time in B2B, while the sector wants to be more and more competitive.

Too Good To Go, the anti-waste app , hits the supermarkets

It’s a small step in the world of anti-waste but a big one for Too Good To Go. The group, which is developing mainly in France, has just offered another local nugget specialized in the upgrading of products sold in supermarkets. This is CodaBene. The publisher operates in expiry prevention and offers an app that automatically alerts sellers when their items are about to expire. This way, it is then easy for them to display them at a low price to avoid throwing them away.

The app, called DLC Memo, is also able to know where the references concerned are located in the store in order to limit unnecessary travel by employees. On the developer side, we are talking about the case of an artificial intelligence in the background, offering advice to choose between a discount for end customers or a donation to an association. A nice gesture not only for the planet but also for the underprivileged classes, which represent nearly 15% of the population on the scale of France. That is still more than ten million people at the end of difficult months

Amount unknown

For its part, Too Good To Go did not specify the amount paid to afford CodaBene nevertheless the young shoot claims at least a thousand customers. And not just any brands: among the brands that trust it, we can mention Auchan (via Alcampo, its Spanish subsidiary), Leader Price, Carrefour, Intermarché, Monoprix and the Casino group. Between them, the latter generate more than thirty billion euros in annual turnover.

Too Good To Go, the anti-waste app, hit the supermarkets

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D’ after the very figures of CodaBene, it is thus no less than three million products that are “saved” every month thanks to its services, available on Android. A volume that requires a certain work force, resulting in several current job offers. The startup ESS is recruiting in France: developers, machine learning engineers and sales.

Too Good To Go, the success of anti-waste

Led in France by Lucie Basch, Too Good To Go wants to be resilient in the face of the crisis and continues to develop its growth serenely. The firm is a partner of food banks and has been named by the very prestigious Time magazine as one of the hundred most influential companies in the world. . In Europe, Too Good To Go allows bakers to part with their unsold items at the end of the day in return for a gourmet discount. There are partner stores in Spain, Denmark and Germany, among others.

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