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Too many motorists have forgotten the meaning of this sign, yet it warns of immediate danger

This sign is everywhere on the roads but many drivers are unaware of its meaning and risk a large fine.

There are a very large number of road signs in France. Each has a specific function to ensure security. and fluidity Traffic. But out of the total panels – there are more than 300 different ones in the territory – how much do motorists really know? driving cannot ignore, probably because they are the ones we encounter most often on the roads. But there are others that we see quite frequently and whose meaning escapes us, which can pose a problem, especially if it is a problem. they warn of danger.

This is precisely the case of this diamond-shaped panel on a yellow background with a sharp edge. white and barred with a black line. We see him often à the end of the roads à heavy traffic in built-up areas or outside built-up areas, which does not prevent many drivers from no longer knowing what it indicates. They no longer know because they necessarily learned it before taking their driving test. But, like mathematics, the Highway Code is forgotten over time. So what does this crossed out diamond mean, and why not respecting it can be very dangerous?

Too many motorists have forgotten the meaning of this sign, yet it warns of immediate danger

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This sign indicates the end of a priority road. If you see it while driving, it means that you were driving on a priority road, which is marked by the same diamond sign but without the bar black which crosses it diagonally. On these roads, you have priority. in all intersections. No need to slow down as soon as you see a vehicle coming from another road, although you must always remain vigilant driving. But as soon as this priority zone ends, marked by our crossed out diamond sign, you no longer benefit from priority. ; automatic &agrav; each intersection.

This obviously changes a lot of things about the way you drive since you then have to be extra vigilant. For example, it is likely that'à the next intersection the priority rule à The right will be restored, in which case you will be obliged to let the vehicle pass before continuing on your route. Failure to do so is potentially very dangerous as it could result in a collision. And in addition to the risk of accident, the Highway Code severely punishes motorists who do not respect priorities. The penalty is double with the loss of 4 points on the driving license accompanied by a fine of 135 euros. pay. Enough to make you regret not knowing the meaning of a sign.

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