TOP 10 foods that are good for digestion

Data Superfoods have high nutritional content and digestibility.

They do not cause bloating, feelings of heaviness and normalize the bowels — of course, if you remember that food you have to chew and enjoy food in a calm state.

ТОП-10 продуктов, полезных для пищеварения

Yams or sweet potatoes. Useful alternative to the “classic” white potatoes. By the way, most people don’t see the difference between yams and sweet potatoes. Indeed, and in fact, and in another the product contains nutrients that are absorbed easier than the usual elements of the root. It turns out that it is nuanced: in Jamsa more water content, so that it is digested very easily. Sweet potatoes are more dry and astringent taste is different.

Red and yellow lentils. Among the variety of bean, which have to be in a healthy diet, it is digested the easiest. Besides, lentil is leading in the iron content. Improving digestion, it also normalizes the level of blood sugar. As an added bonus, the lentils does not accumulate toxins, rich in vitamin B1 and essential amino acids.

Avocado. Unsightly appearance, this soft fruit is surprisingly rich in protein and fiber: avocados are medium in size contains about 12 grams of beneficial fiber. But, despite the dense texture, it does not cause a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen. Include avocado in your diet, you eliminate several problems at once: exotic fruit improves the composition of intestinal microflora, increases peristalsis and normalizes chair. By the way, according to Ayurveda, avocados strengthens the immune system. If you fear the unexpected reaction of the body, add the fruit lime, a pinch of salt and cilantro — they’ll help avocado to be absorbed.

Bran and cereals. This is a ideal products for Breakfast: bowl of cereals, flavored fruit pieces and honey (almost 14 g of fiber in its pure form), will set your digestive system on the right footing and will provide a feeling of satiety. As for the sprouted wheat and whole oats, best foods for digestive health, nature had not been invented. Pour cereal with hot water and leave to infuse for a while — a healthy treat for your stomach ready!

Spinach. Among the green vegetables he is a recognized leader in absorption and digestion. Don’t want to crunch green leaves make a drink. In the juice of spinach is a lot of manganese, a substance that is vital for normal metabolism, high quality the brain and the thyroid gland and production of hormones of happiness.

Almonds. Normalizes metabolism, improves eyesight and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system — the list of useful properties of almonds ends. He is also a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Just do not get carried away: a handful of nuts a day would be enough. Add them to smoothies or use as a healthy snack.

Persimmon. This fruit is particularly recommended for digestive issues — and all thanks to the pectin. Due to the unique composition of persimmons not only cleanses the bowel, but that is the main food for bifidobacteria, stimulating their growth and activity.

Flax seeds. Another must-have product for those who are concerned about the digestive system. Normal-looking seeds have enormous potential: they reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, protect against irritation of the inflamed esophageal mucosa, reduce the absorption of toxins, normalize chair — the list is endless.

Green tea. To improve digestion it is important not only to follow what is in your plate, but also to control what is in your circle. Win — win situation- green tea. Because it contained catechins, it reduces the appetite and improves digestion. To cancel a drink is not necessary for “health” effect, just one Cup of green tea a day. Although, as you say, better get used to it.

Natural yogurt. Eating yogurt is probably the easiest way to normalize digestion. Thick white “mousse” supplies the body with beneficial bacteria that stimulate the bowels. Options to pamper your body a lot: yogurt can be eaten for Breakfast, served as dessert in lunch or to replace the harmful sweets for dinner. For good metabolism enough to eat yogurt only once a day.

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