Top 10 songs about the war with Russia, the resistance and the victory of Ukraine


    Top 10 songs about the war with Russia, the resistance and victory of Ukraine

    Many of the new compositions, in addition to patriotism, are full of sarcasm, black humor and lack political correctness towards the enemy. But these songs are an antidote for us from a huge evil called “war”.

    Over the past month of the war, since February 24, special military songs have appeared. Their task is to support the fighting spirit of Ukrainians in this unprecedented Patriotic War.

    Songs today are weapons. Therefore, many of the compositions, in addition to obligatory patriotism, are full of sarcasm, black humor and are completely devoid of political correctness towards the enemy. It must be understood that their harsh and daring lines were written between the bombing and shelling of the bloody war unleashed by Russia. But, nevertheless, they also contain lyrical moments that touch the heart.

    There are re-recorded tracks – covers of performers on their own things, there are re-sung folk songs that sounded differently in military conditions, but many original compositions written in the first days of hostilities.

    I'm not going to do a careful count of the views of these tracks on YouTube now. This still does not give an accurate picture: the content of some of these things is warned by dies (on the same YouTube), that “there may be unpleasant and offensive things for some part of the audience” (some compositions were blocked, but they were copied to other addresses ). Yes, war is an unpleasant thing.

    But these songs are an antidote for us from a huge evil called “war”. Each offers her own recipe.

    Taras Borovok – “Bayraktar”

    This thing has certainly become a popular hit in Ukraine No. 1. And now she is already known outside the country.

    Bayraktar is a Turkish drone. In the first days of the war, everyone was amazed by the video of how an attack on a Russian military convoy was carried out from this aircraft at night. Balls of explosions, panic among the enemy. The word “Bayraktar” was on everyone's lips.

    The hit about “Bayraktar” was composed by military personnel Taras Borovok, who was asked to write a song by his colleague. Borovok graduated from only four classes of a music school in the trumpet class, but talent is talent – he quickly wrote a song that turned out to be successful and began to “virally” spread.

    In just a few days, the song “Bayraktar” gained about 700 thousand views, then it was blocked – but people continued to copy the song and upload it to the network.

    Today, the hit has already crossed Ukrainian borders, gaining international popularity – English, English, Arabic and Turkish versions.

    The song is permeated with the prowess of the Ukrainian military, gloomy humor and the mythologization of the drone, which looks like some kind of epic hero in the composition:

    “Okupani came to Ukraine before us

    The uniform is new, military vehicles

    That troch has melted their inventory —

    Bayraktar… Bayraktar…”

    Andrey Khlyvnyuk &The Kiffness — “Chervona Kalina”

    The leader of the well-known group “Boombox” Andrey Khlyvnyuk since the beginning of the war in the defense. He a cappella, in military uniform, with a machine gun, sang the song of the Sich Riflemen “Chervona Kalina” against the backdrop of St. Sophia of Kyiv and posted it on the social network.

    A couple of days later, South African musician David Scott, leader of The Kiffness, arranged it and created a simple video. Khlyvnyuk sings there on Sofia Square, and Scott accompanies him at home.

    The song turned out to be modern and dynamic. On The Kiffness platform, the video gained 3.5 million views.

    Ukrainian figure skaters Alexandra Nazarova and Maxim Nikitin, who survived the Kharkov bombardment, performed on March 25 in France at the World Championships, ending their triumphant performance to this piece.


    Alexander Sychek – “Russian warship – fuck you!”

    Musician Alexander Sychek accidentally saw poems by screenwriter Alexandra Smilyanskaya on the net and quickly wrote a song on them. Then he made a small but touching clip from the frames of the military chronicle: with military and civilian people.

    The refrain in the song is “Russian warship or na …” – a phrase that the whole world already knows.< /p>

    On the first day of the war, the cruiser Moskva and the patrol ship Vasily Bykov approached Snake Island. They offered the Ukrainian garrison to surrender. Those answered in obscene form, the audio recording of the negotiations was later published. When a Russian corvette called itself a “Russian warship” and ordered the Ukrainian military to surrender, the response was: “Russian warship, fuck you!”

    Snake Island was attacked from ships and from the air. For some time, Ukrainian fighters were considered dead. But later it turned out that they escaped to a bomb shelter and were taken prisoner. The phrase has become winged.

    “The voice from the tube is calm, intermittent and deaf.

    Mom, I'm in a hat, did you take the documents? No fear.

    Today my daughter fell asleep in the subway on the floor.

    Russian warship, go to *uy…

    Here near the artillery Chechen, Belarusian and Kazakh,

    Here they believe in Buddha, Christ and Allah.

    We will paint new frescoes on new churches,

    Go to hell with the Russian warship”…

    Spiv Brativ – “In the city of Kherson” (“Our boys extinguish Muscovites”)

    Spiv Brativ is a Cherkasy group consisting of four siblings: Dmitry, Artemy, Antony and Leonty Osychnyuk. Created in 2010. In November 2013, the Osychnyuk brothers, together with their father Vladimir, reached the final of the TV show “One Family” on Inter. Due to the similarity of the style of the four brothers with the “Liverpool Four”, Spiv Brativ was nicknamed the “Ukrainian Beatles”. In 2015, in the show “Ukraine Got Talent”, they became semi-finalists, and in 2016, they took fourth place in the national final of the Global Battle Of The Bands.

    The song tells in an ironically harsh manner about the heroic struggle of Ukrainian fighters holding the defense against Russian invaders in Kherson and Kharkov.

    “In the city of Kherson

    Nights, oh, sleepless

    Our lads extinguish the Muscovites!

    Highly remember

    I don’t feed anymore

    Like my teething enemies!

    Vyshivanka under bulletproof vest

    Don’t be invaders in Ukraine!”

    Mikhey Medvedev (Jalsomino) – “Hymn of Chornobaivka”

    There is a phenomenon of the village of Chernobaevka in the Kherson region, where the Ukrainian the army has already attacked the forces of the Russian invaders, accumulated at the local airfield, ten times.

    Military expert Aleksey Arestovich explained this by the fact that the railway tracks around the village were damaged and the enemies were forced to return here every time, entering from the Crimea with new equipment. Chernobaevka has become an almost anecdotal example of the fact that the Russian invaders cannot competently solve tactical problems, but stupidly return to a place dangerous for them.

    Ukrainian musician Mikhey Medvedev (Jalsomino) wrote an ironic hit about this.

    Micah was educated in the pop department at the Zaporizhia Music School. He played in a rock band, worked in the studio of one of the Zaporozhye radio stations. Moved to Kyiv, becoming a director at the dance radio station Kiss FM. Gained fame as DJ Jalsomino, signing dance remixes for tracks by pop artists in this way.

    There is a lot of obscene language in the hit, but in general it sounds concise:

    “Tse is the place of power , tse – the place of will,

    Tse – the place of the ruynovanoy “Ruska dolі”,

    Especially for the guintocrylic brand “Ka”,

    Welcome to Chornobaivka!”< /p>

    “Shablya” – “Brother of Ukraine” (“Hymn for the Defense of Ukraine”)

    The song “Brother of Ukraine” was written back in 2014 by the leader of the “Shablya” group, Vova Geyser (Vladimir Eigenseer), becoming the anthem of the defense of Ukraine. Today she is gaining new power.

    “Love my children, dear mother and tattoo,

    I'm going to win our land to defend.

    Don't cry for me, I’ll die in the field,

    All thanks for our beloved little Ukraine!

    Yes, brother, in this hard time.”

    Sergey Babkin – “I'm a soldier ” (version 2022)

    Sergey Babkin (solo singer and “half” of the 5'nizza group) wrote a new version of the group's hit 5'nizza in 2003 during the war days.

    “I am a soldier, but feeds me with the power of a man

    My native land is under my feet.

    I am a soldier, to those who came to us with a holey head,

    I will beat it off with my boots.”

    In the video, Sergei Babkin in a military jacket performs a piece on the guitar. The video sequence is interspersed with famous shots of the battles for Irpen and Bucha. There are also shots of crumpled Russian armored vehicles.

    SKY — “Don't step in and don't give up”

    The popular rock band SKY, which is over 20 years old, has written a new anthem for the Armed Forces of Ukraine these days: aggressive and assertive.

    “It seems you don’t see yourself running away

    What do you do wrong and you reap it

    More no fear and no regrets

    I’m sure I’m going to war

    Don't step in and don't give up

    We're more afraid of nothing.

    Anatoly Matviychuk – “200th”

    People's Artist of Ukraine Anatoly Matviychuk composed a new lyric song “Two Hundredth” – about a Russian soldier who was sent to fight in Ukraine.

    “You went to such a job –

    We carry the Russian world on armor .

    But I didn't know that you would become 200th,

    In Ukraine, in a terrible war”.

    KAZKA — I Am Not Ok

    The popular group KAZKA (the video for the song “Crying” has 405 million views – a record among Slavic performers) on March 25 released a video for the premiere song I Am Not Ok (“I'm not okay”), which has already been watched by more than 40 thousand people.

    In the video, tearful vocalist Alexandra Zaritskaya sings the hit “Crying” in an empty apartment. Howl of an air siren. Further shots of military chronicles and tears. The group's fans are holding cardboard boxes with the inscription: “I'm Not Ok”.

    The song is performed in Ukrainian and English. Alexandra calls on her fans in all countries to do everything in their power to close the sky over Ukraine.

    “We are not “okay.” Every day we look into the eyes of fear and continue to fight for a peaceful sky over our native Ukraine on all fronts! Millions of Ukrainians are in constant danger. Ukrainian cities are being destroyed, the enemy is taking away innocent lives and the cultural heritage of Ukraine,” the singer wrote “My heart is now with each of my group and team who defend our country in Ukraine. Dear ones, see you soon and hug! And many thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and all the people who prove with their courage that the Ukrainian people cannot be defeated!” Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!”

    The artist presented this composition in the USA.

    “I'm singing you a song

    About life between “before” and “after” .

    In the morning and in the year of my life I

    Nіzhna, strong, yours. /p>



    I accept the beating.

    God, I can,

    Because there is leather –



    No I am not okay

    It's 4 in the morning

    And I'm wide awake

    Sister I'm just tryna

    Take it day by day

    Grateful for the fact

    That I still see your face

    No I am not okay…ʼ


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