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Top 12 new Ukrainian hits about the war

Top 12 new Ukrainian hits about the war

New wartime hits were issued by both recognized stars – Max Barskikh, Olya Polyakova, “Without Obmezhen” and new artists. But TV presenter Lesya Nikityuk was especially surprised. Top 12 new Ukrainian military songs, like the voice of Ukraine itself: fighting, sarcastic, piercing.

Ukrainian songs over the past 100 days of the war have become even angrier, sharper, sarcastic, but also more powerful, more precise and piercing . Even when it comes to lyrics, the war still leaves its mark on creativity. Therefore, the clips contain a lot of military chronicles, which turn any, even just a lyrical thing, such as the track Stefania, with which the Kalush Orchestra won Eurovision 2022, into a military drama.


Stepan Giga is a Ukrainian singer and composer from Ivano-Frankivsk. Lesya Nikityuk is a well-known TV presenter, best known for the Eagle and Tails program. The track is made in an electronic euro disco package, but don't be fooled by the “sweet” electronic passages: the words are vigorous!

“Ukraine has returned the cordon!”

Red Square is now a training ground,

Beyond the Urals, China is panning,

And the Kuriles are a Japanese land!

There is a lot of wild life in Russia today

The moon is full of anxiety all night!

“Not dead yet!” sleep in ORDLO,

And the bunker died drunk!ʼ


Just a bombastic thing. A snippet of Verka Serduchka's speech #M*skal_not pretty” went viral after Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine began. Jerry Heil commented: ''Jerry Heil feat. Verka Serduchka'' has always been my dream, but I could not even think that I would do it during the war! The video “Get out of Ukraine, ugly f*ck” by Ukrainian stand-up mother Verka Serduchka inspired me to take this fragment as a sample and create a song for the glory of modern Cossacks: Zelensky, Kim and Arestovich and, of course, the people of Ukraine!”

< p>Learned and provocatively and patriotically.

“Get out of Ukraine, m * rock ugly!

Oh, wait on the mountain m * rock !

And the popіd mountain, yar-valley

ZSU go, ZSU go

< p>Mr. Zelensky in the front!

High m*skal hoch trisne, don’t leave the armchair…

And behind — Arestovich!

Bring us new garni from Ukraine

Nache zdobich, nache zdobich”.


Now the interpretation of the Italian folk partisan song “Bella Ciao” performed by Christina Soloviy has become very popular on FM stations. A song about bayraktars with javelins and about how :

“Nothing thinking, no one succumbing

It's true Ukrainian Lyut's name

Cathing the damned mercilessly wet< /p>

Quiet, the rod is on our land”.


Mountain Breeze is a Ukrainian pop-rock band from Poltava. Finalists of the 7th season of the X-factor talent show in Ukraine. Semi-finalists of the National selection of Ukraine for Eurovision-2018. The leader and frontman of the band is Alexander Belyak. The song contains burning satire + patriotism.

“Occupant lost his way

In our fields

Stuck in Ukraine

< em>No way to get home

Don't boast, occupant

We have a kindred earth

< p>There is no gingerbread in us

Only a Cossack shablya”.


A popular rock band that announced a concert at the stadium a long time ago and would, of course, give it if it weren’t for covid first, and now for the war. But let's believe the guys will assemble their stadium in peacetime. I would call their style – traditional romantic rock.

“The day is burning down, the sky has fallen on us,

The heart is burning, the hour has come,

p>Stay forever,

Masculinity will be free,

We laugh at the next,

A crisis of tears – Vaughn Mary”.

MAX BARSKIH – DON'T [email protected] WITH UKRAINE

Popular Ukrainian pop singer Max Barskikh joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But do not forget about creativity. Moreover, he tries to work in the Ukrainian-English format so that things have an international resonance.

“Now it’s hard to find time for music, but it can also be a weapon. I’m working on a new track for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I want to support our fighters. I hope to finish it soon. . There is a pinch of techno and other modern rhythms in this track, and in the text there is an admixture of obscene language.

Don't fuck with Ukraine

Ra ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta

Glory to our boys

Ru tu tu tu tu tu

Your tanks rose…bu


The thing is made exactly in the style of The Hardkiss– a mixture of hard and pop music: the most dramatic moments of the song are enhanced by powerful guitar riffs. The heroine of Yulia Sanina, as if talking in a song with her mother about the war:

“Mom, how are you?

How are you?

People with crooked sleeves

Ruined temples

God litav between us

The eyes of my children, my borders, have become mature

And I became skeleton, my heart lost its home under the pines.”



The guys from the Ukrainian popular rock band Antitila managed to sing in collaboration with the world star – Ed Sheeran. It turned out worthy: the composition is melodic, but very difficult – of a high international level.

Sheeran sings in English. Ours are in Ukrainian, like this:

“I'm inhaling dim smoke”

Remaining smells of Dior from him

I remember, you wanted to go to Rome

Everything is going so far as to get back to Krim

Let's stir up our movement

No one comes out dry”.


A lot has already been said and discussed about this song, with which the Kalush Orchestra won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Note that the video clip for the song Stefania was filmed in Bucha and Irpin. girl soldier saving children.


This song by Nastya Kamensky is very often heard on the radio. The thing is really strong. Perhaps for the first time Nastya showed dramatic talent here. Her voice sounds in the track – like the voice of the Motherland – Ukraine:

“Because I am Ukraine

I show the world< /p>

I will protect you from the sight of the cult

Who heal the star in me

For that I am strong

I will hem everything

Because you carry me in your hands”.


The rapper and Jerry Heil performed in a duet – a very strong, poignant song about relatives. The realities of war are not directly present here.

“The warmest memories for the majority of people in Ukraine throughout their lives are warm family gatherings at Easter. The opportunity to break away from business, see your closest relatives, visit distant relatives, take part in the creation of Easter eggs or Easter eggs, taste mother's or grandmother's dishes from childhood, to unite in the continuation of national and family traditions…” the artists shared about the release of this piece.


Olya Polyakova tried to open up lyrically in this song. The music here is classic – composer Miroslav Skorik. And the words of Alexander and Irina Vratarev are also classics – a songwriter and his daughter – a famous film producer.

“Cuddle your children, if you have such an opportunity, be sure to talk to them about what is happening now happens, find the words. Sing lullabies to them if you are separated by distance. When they sent me the lullaby that you are now hearing, it pierced my heart so much that I just could not help but write it down, “Olya said. – But the meaning of the song is that even at the most difficult moment, we, Ukrainians, do not lose hope to see the peaceful sky again. Victory will definitely be ours – there is no doubt. Glory to Ukraine!”

Focushas already introduced you to the first collection of wartime songs. All of them are an antidote for us from a huge evil called “war”.

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