Top 15 fiery songs about the Armed Forces of Ukraine that inspire the Victory

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  • Top 15 fiery songs about the Armed Forces of Ukraine that inspire the Victory

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    Top 15 fiery songs about the Armed Forces of Ukraine that inspire the Victory

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  • Top 15 fire songs about the Armed Forces of Ukraine, inspiring for the Victory


  • Top 15 fiery songs about the Armed Forces of Ukraine that inspire the Victory

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  • Top 15 fire songs about the Armed Forces of Ukraine that inspire Victory

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  • Top 15 fiery songs about the Armed Forces of Ukraine that inspire the Victory

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Top 15 fiery songs about the Armed Forces of Ukraine that inspire the Victory

On the Day of Defenders and Defenders of Ukraine, we present a hit parade of the most striking national compositions praising our fighters

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The Day of Defenders and Defenders of Ukraine is a holiday that is especially important during the full-scale phase of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Focus has selected 15 popular songs glorifying the military labor of our fighters, who did a miracle – they turned the tide of the war and took away city after city and village after village from the enemy.

Why is this day celebrated today? On October 14 according to the Christian calendar – the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Cossacks especially revered this holiday, believing that the Most Holy Theotokos protects them in battle. Therefore, in Ukraine these two holidays are now celebrated on the same day.

As for the tracks, we tried to pick up popular compositions in different genres: pop, rock, rap, electronic music. The main thing is their striking mood!

Ponomarev, Khoma, Topolya, Koshevoy, Tkach, Cherny – “Ukraine will win!”

With a record 22 million views on YouTube, the piece was released at the end of April. Just then, for the first time, attention was paid to the fact that when attacking Russian tanks, their towers fly off. It turned out that this was due to an incorrect design: when the tank was hit, the ammunition exploded inside. After the retreat of the Russian invaders from Kyiv, we all remember the highways dotted with tank towers. These facts are reflected in the lines of the hit, the chorus of which is known to everyone in Ukraine.I’m sure I’ll have a share.

Bashtu was torn apart by youma

Stugna, beyond Bucha.

Flying occupier,

In the next few days, 35th

For the Kiev “Ghost”< /p>

Win is here to become the 20th.

Burn, burn, the technique of fortune-telling is right, Ukraine will win.

SKY – “Don't step in and don't give up”

The popular rock band SKY, one might say, veterans of the scene, they are 20 years old, wrote a new anthem for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: aggressive, assertive, showing that we have nowhere to retreat in this Great Patriotic War.

It seems you won’t waste your money,

What you will reap,

No more fear, no regrets


I'm definitely going to war.

Don't go and don't give up

We have nothing more to be afraid of.

Skofka – “A little hymn”

Rapper Skofka's anthem is now the most popular song on the FM band: it plays on every second radio station, and on YouTube it has gained 16 million views. The track is dedicated to the musician's childhood friend, Valentin Konovodov, who died in the war. The refrain in this composition sounds bewitching:

In the clear sky, a little grim

In the sky, a whistle, a little hymn

In the clear sky muddy smoke

Burn the fox, a little hymn”.

And in in verses, the rapper sings that Victory is inevitable.

“Well, for now, we will beat you for Azov and Bucha

For the Dnipro and steep

For the Irpin, which torments you

For the love of kvituchі…

Yurcash — “Vin v ZSU. Vaughn in TRO”

Yurcash is a new art pseudonym for the singer Yurko Yurchenko (the real name of the artist is Yury Unclean). The talented singer-songwriter wrote a beautiful lyrical ballad that celebrates a couple in love. Yury himself is now fighting as part of the Karpatska Sich battalion.

Vіn in ZSU. Vaughn in the TPO,

The month before, they kissed in the subway,

They moved the square, Dnipro,

Kyiv is quiet inside.

She pulls on the pixel and berets,

Unloading the little shoulders,

On this cuff, tactful speech,

Check for silence and evening!

“100 Faces” “ZSU”

The hip-hop group “100Litsa” shakes its track well, perfectly reflecting the spirit of the struggle of our people against the Russian occupiers.

The boys and girls here are our heroes.

< p>This is not Marvel,

Cyborgs are right here.

The whole of Ukraine will stand behind them

Therodefense and partisans, navit tsigani to steal tanks,

rockets with just their hands

Here, brother for brother

our spirit is not evil.

For the blue- zhovty banner we will stand.

Chorus – catchy chants:


Crush the orcs our grass.

Probass ∆ Hardi – “Cossacks go” (feat. Anna Bulat)

A powerful combination of electronic sound with ethnicity: bass synth registers perfectly set off the ringing and high voice of the singer Anna Bulat.

Cossacks go,

Oh , Cossack.

That and your girl checks

That and checks that and do home yoga.< /p>

A successful video sequence with attacking Ukrainian tanks and planes shows that the track refers to modern “Cossacks” – those who fight in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Shablya” – “Brother of Ukraine” /”Hymn to the Defense of Ukraine”

The song “Brother of Ukraine” was written back in 2014 by the leader of the “Shablya” group Vova Geyser (Vladimir Eigenseer), becoming the anthem of the defense of Ukraine. But today it sounds even more relevant.

Love my children, dear mother and tattoo,

I'm going to win our land to defend.< /em>

Don't cry for me, I'll die in the field,

I'll give you all for our beloved Ukraine!< /p>

Karta Svitu — “Dog Patron”

Karta Svitu is a new Ukrainian rock band created by musician Ivan Marunich in 2020 in Kyiv. The guys sang the legendary dog ​​Patron, a service dog of the Jack Russell Terrier breed, which helps sappers in demining. The cartridge became the talisman of a sapper detachment, which was engaged in mine clearance in the Chernihiv region. The dog is depicted in Ukraine on murals and postage stamps. So he waited for the song where it sounds:

Dog Patron, dog Patron

We need such a battalion.Dog Patron, dog Patron

Rishuchishy, ​​lower Macron.

Chico & Qatoshi – “Help ZSU”

Chico (Roman Kovalenko) and Qatoshi (Nikolay Sopronyuk) wrote the composition with a specific purpose, as they said in a TV interview: “People who are at the front really go through super difficult moments, so we wanted to make sure that everyone was in a fighting mood “. The song became a hit – 5.5 million views on YouTube.

Javelin to the maximum

Orcs will be so well.

Behind the tractors

Turning behind the tanks.

De taking – do not feed

I won't turn it back,

I'll better Vivez near the field

I'll give ZSU.

Ponomarev, Khoma, Topolya, Gorbunov – “On the ground, in the air and on the sea”

Alexander Ponomarev's song, in addition to the mentioned stars, is performed by the orchestra and choir of the Honored Academic Song and Dance Ensemble Armed Forces of Ukraine under the direction of conductor Dmitry Antonyuk. The composition, written in a traditional manner, describes in detail the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war:

Here is the fifth wound in the fierce >

The whole country has stretched its string…

On the ground, in the field and on the sea

Ukraine defy the enemies

Ridni lands, Ukrainian dawns

Will there be peace here.

< h2>Sergey Lazanovsky |RIDNYI feat DIRESH – “ZSU”

A simple cheerful song written in a traditional pop style on three chords – but the message is true:

Don't let your enemies die

We are fighting the native land.

You can't take it away

Our will.

Delamer – “Azovstal” (“Here there under the dawns”)

Of course, our musicians could not pass by the feat of Azov.< /p>

Here, under the dawns

The light burned forever,

There, under the sacks< /em>

The stench fights for our goodness

There under the hailstones,

< em> Protecting your relatives.

“Without Border” – “For Heroes”

A popular rock band from Mukachevo, led by leader Sergei Tanchinets, became known for their heartfelt lyrical love ballads. The rockers wrote their own military anthem – with a bright guitar arrangement, brass inserts and these words:

Stand up, brothers! Don't be afraid!

Everything is impossible in this battle!

It's too early to open doors to heaven!

Let's get some free ideas!

Kozak System — “Give it to Zbroy”

The Kozak System group has long felt free in the patriotic theme. And this composition is one of the most popular in their repertoire.

Like candles near the church – burning huts,

Raztroshcheni doli wail about the fee.

We are quiet, who our light is close to strata

Let's storm.

Give me a break, brother,

Check for love, check for mother

Boys-Edelveisi go

Take a fee from the enemy.

Yarmak (ft. Alisa) – “Wild Field”

With the outbreak of war, rapper Alexander Yarmak joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But the artist manages to write new hits. We can say that the war gave a powerful impetus to the artist's creativity. In particular, this hip-hop composition with ethnic elements gained 7.3 million views on YouTube. The song is dedicated to the defenders of Mariupol.

There is a check of the lips on all foreigners,

Neptune of his trident is removed from the Black Sea.

For ever and ever the legend is shown,

show your life again the regiment of Azov.