Top 5 Animals That Look Really Cute But Don't Befriend Them


    Top 5 Animals That Look Very Cute, But Don't Befriend Them

    Some animals are best viewed from a distance, as they can be dangerous to humans, despite its peaceful appearance.

    Some animals look the same as they really are – ferocious, aggressive and dangerous to humans. But there are animals that look very cute, but in fact it is better not to be friends with them and watch their life from afar. Discover Magazine has compiled its top 5 cute-looking animals that can result in injury or even death.

    Leopard seal

    Top 5 animals that look really cute, but don't befriend them

    The leopard seal is the top predator in the Antarctic region. This species of real seals has very powerful and large jaws, and the leopard seal can also swim very fast. Under water, it develops a speed of up to 40 km/h and feeds on seals, fish, birds, and sometimes even penguins.

    The leopard seal is a skilled predator not only in the water, but also on the ice, where it attacks penguins during the mating season and their chicks.

    The leopard seal, which weighs 350 kg, is not afraid of anyone except killer whales, that feed on this species of seals. There is very little evidence that a sea leopard attacked a person, but they can do it, and even one case is known when the attack of this animal ended in the death of a person.

    Mute swan

    Top 5 Animals That Look Really Cute, But Don't Befriend Them

    Mute swans live in northern Europe and Asia, but are most common in the US. These waterfowl were brought there in the second half of the 19th century to decorate local parks, zoos and country estates. The name of these birds is due to the fact that they make less loud sounds than other swans.

    These birds can attack a person if you get too close to their nest or to the chicks. These attacks have already occurred with people who swam on jet skis, kayaks and canoes, in the same waters where swans live.

    In 2012, a mute swan attacked a man in the United States, threw him into the water and continued to attack before he drowns. It is better not to approach this swan, whose length reaches 1.8 meters, with a wingspan of 2.4 meters.

    Great panda

    Top 5 animals that look really cute, but don't be friends with them

    The giant panda looks like a giant teddy bear toy. But this impression is deceptive. Giant pandas can be very aggressive.

    These animals are very strong, have powerful teeth and very sharp claws, and if they feel threatened, they can attack a person. Basically, they lead a solitary lifestyle and avoid conflict situations. But pandas show their aggression towards their own kind during the mating season. Males may attack each other to show “who's boss”.

    Glow Loris

    Top 5 animals that look very cute, but it's better not to be with them be friends

    Slow lorises are primates that live in trees and reach a maximum length of 40 cm. They live in the rainforests of South and Southeast Asia and despite their cute appearance, they are more dangerous than they seem. Slow lorises, if they feel threatened, can bite a person very hard. But the bite itself is not as terrible as the fact that an incredibly strong poison will enter the human body along with saliva.

    This poison in thick lorises is secreted by glands on the forelimbs. This primate licks it off and the poisonous substance mixes with saliva. The venom is so powerful that it causes flesh to rot and can even kill you.

    For a long time, scientists believed that the only venomous primate in the world used poison to protect itself from predators. But recently it has become known that mostly primates use poison against each other when they fight. There are also quite a few cases of human bites.

    Tasmanian devil

    Top 5 animals that look very cute, but don't befriend them

    The Tasmanian devil is a carnivorous marsupial animal about the size of a cat. This mammal mainly lives on the island of Tasmania, near Australia. Tasmanian devils are considered real gluttons. They have very strong jaws and equally powerful and sharp teeth. With their help, the predator completely eats its prey, not even leaving bones.

    Although these marsupials can prey on small animals, birds and fish, they mainly feed on carrion. And they are not afraid of the size of the dead animal. It can be a carcass of cattle, sheep and kangaroo. They can attack a person during the mating season, when these animals become especially aggressive. Before the attack, the Tasmanian devils make terrible frightening sounds.

    As Focus already wrote, scientists have discovered a new species of European panda. Representatives of this species lived 6 million years ago in Southern Europe and could not eat bamboo.


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