Top 5 bright nail ideas. The most stylish manicure of August 2022



    • Top 5 bright nail ideas. The most stylish manicure of August 2022

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    • Top 5 bright nail ideas. The most stylish manicure of August 2022

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    • Top- 5 Bright Nail Ideas for the Most Stylish Manicure of August 2022 wp-content/uploads/2022/08/top-5-idej-jarkih-nogtej-samyj-stilnyj-manikjur-avgusta-2022-ca8cd4e.jpg

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    Top- 5 ideas for bright nails. The most stylish manicure of August 2022

    A colorful floral print or a juicy fruity design is what you need for the best summer manicure.

    Summer is the busiest season that offers dozens of different nail art options for every taste. You can draw bright sunflowers or delicate daisies on your nails, depict juicy berries and fruits, or choose a nude finish and add a geometric pattern to it. It all depends on your preferences and mood.

    Flower manicure

    Flower motifs are more relevant than ever this summer. A riot of colors is on trend. So choose a rich flower base and decorate your nails with bright colors. Both single tender buds and chic bouquets are suitable. If desired, the manicure can be supplemented with logos, words, numbers and any other thematic drawings.

    Juicy fruits

    Very stylish and in place in August there will be a manicure with the image of ripe apples, grapes, lemons, oranges, kiwi, and other fruits. You can draw ripe watermelon, appetizing strawberries or tender raspberries on your nails. The base color matches the design harmoniously. As well as translucent nude tones that perfectly complement the bright fruit patterns.

    Quail egg effect

    Manicure with the effect of a quail egg hit the trends of the spring-summer season. This nail art looks very stylish and will suit even those who cannot do a catchy manicure due to a work dress code. Bright splashes look spectacular on a milky coating. And if you want to add colors – choose rich green or red tones. It will look creative and add a summer mood.

    Stylish geometry

    The geometric pattern does not lose its relevance which season. Asymmetric stripes of different sizes and colors are especially popular among fashionistas. They are placed on the nails vertically or horizontally. Such a pattern is suitable for a manicure in a minimalist style. For those who like it brighter, an additional geometric pattern can be decorated with glitter or rhinestones.

    Animal print

    Animal print is in trend among both clothing designers and nail art masters. Animal drawing looks very stylish. Nails can be decorated with a tiger or snake print, as well as a zebra print. The only recommendation is to do this design on only a few nails. The rest just cover with bright varnish.

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