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Top 5 good children's films that are interesting to viewers of any age

Top 5 good kids films that are interesting to viewers of all ages

Focus chose five films that both adults and children will enjoy watching.

“Kingdom of the Full Moon”/Moonrise Kingdom

USA, 2012, tragicomedy

Theme: finding independence through love

Kino- rating teatr.ua: 8.1/10

Starring: Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray

One of Wes Anderson's finest performances (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”).

< p>1965 A couple of teenagers in love on an island in New England run away from adult supervision. Sam Shikasky is a Boy Scout, an orphan abandoned by his adoptive parents, who, due to his difficult nature, became an outcast among other Boy Scouts, and Susie Bishop, a reclusive twelve-year-old unbalanced girl living in dreams of magical worlds, whose mother is cheating on her husband with the local sheriff.

Top 5 good children's films, interesting for viewers of any age

Anderson uses Hollywood stars in unexpected roles. Bruce Willis, without going beyond his familiar role as a police officer, turns out to be not a cool, but a sad and sincere cop. Tilda Swinton appears before the viewer in the form of a demonic social worker. Her means of work: electric shock and lobotomy. About like the executioner sister Ratched. In general, this picture is somewhat reminiscent of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest – only about children.

Edward Norton here is a Boy Scout leader, who seems to be the same age as the guys.

In short, there will be many tough conflicts and showdowns, but a bright finale awaits all of us.

Watch this movie: you will cry and laugh alternately. For lovers of aesthetics, everything is also perfect here: three colors in the frame, awesome angles, etc. Here is a masterpiece.

The Stronghold

Ukraine, 2017, adventure, fantasy

Theme: becoming a hero through overcoming own complexes

Rating according to kino-teatr.ua: 9.2 /10

Cast: Daniil Kamensky, Eva Koshevaya , Roman Lutsky

For the first time in Ukraine, a digital monster was created in the tape – a stone giant of the Polovtsians. “In addition to all the Ukrainian graphic companies, half of the Indian ones also worked for him,” the director of the film, Yuri Kovalev, half-jokingly, half-seriously remarked.

According to the plot, the teenager Vitya suffers from a fear of heights. He is tormented by a nightmare, how he and his parents flies by car from the Darnitsky bridge straight into the Dnieper abyss. Filmed realistically, and this disaster set a good tone for the film. Vitya wakes up, but trouble continues to haunt him.

Top 5 good kids movies, interesting viewers of all ages

When he tried to cross the suspension bridge on a mountain hike in the camp, he became ill, and his peers laughed at the kid. Only a faithful friend remained with him, and he soon stumbled and began to fall into the abyss. Vitya tried to save his comrade, but he was sucked into the portal, which was formed right in the rock – under the influence of a solar eclipse. Our hero ended up in 1120 – exactly in the time of Kievan Rus, when the Russians fought with the Polovtsy. The bogatyr leads Vitya to the town of Remiv, which is the outpost that protects against attacks by Asians. Then there will be battles with the Polovtsy and Vitya's constant attempts to open the portal and return to the 21st century …

“Foxster and Max”

Ukraine, 2019, comedy, fantasy

Theme: growing up and gaining confidence in yourself

Rating according to kino-teatr.ua: 9.1/10

Cast: Bohdan Koziy, Vitalia Turchin, Tomasz Oswiecinsky

Director of the film Anatoly Mateshko, the author of the first Ukrainian popular TV series “Bourgeois's Birthday” (1999 – 2001) spoke.

At the center of the plot is 12-year-old Max. In class, he is a loser. Attempts of self-expression in a teenager come down mainly to a secret passion for graffiti.

Meanwhile, employees of some secret laboratory are confronting criminals, and a can of nano-paint, lost during the chase, accidentally falls into the hands of Max. The boy draws a dog on the wall, which “comes to life”, becoming a nanorobot, and then his best friend. And at the same time a “pass” to a new life full of superpowers, adventures and trials. The criminals are trying to get a magical dog and, finally, they succeed, so the hero has to show his own strong-willed qualities.

The dream of any gentleman will come true in the film – Max and his girl will drive famously in a cool red car!

Top 5 good children's films interesting for viewers of any age

Of the pluses, in addition to special effects, it is worth noting the plot idea, based on which micronanobots follow the imagination of the owner, trying to realize his wildest dreams.

There are also good verbal finds: “Fractal dreams to you”, “What are you spinning, bot children!”, “I will blow you into molecules”, etc. The soundtrack is also good – modern Ukrainian music performed by TNMK and Monatika.

Zathura: a space adventure/Zathura

USA, 2005, fantasy

Theme: the ability to sacrifice oneself for love

< p>Kino-teatr.ua rating: 10/10

Starring: Josh Hutcherson, Dax Shepard, Derek Mears

The children's father leaves for work, entrusting his eldest daughter Liza with the care of the brothers. Six-year-old Danny and ten-year-old Walter usually amuse themselves by teasing and teasing each other, bringing things to a quarrel, otherwise they are simply bored.

One day, when a fight is brewing and Walter is already starting to chase after Danny, he hides in the kitchen elevator, and Walter, out of spite, lowers him into a dark, creepy and frighteningly gloomy basement. There, the brothers find an old board game called Zatura. Danny fails to get his brother to play with him and starts playing alone. However, as soon as he makes his first move, Danny begins to suspect that this is not an easy game. His “spaceship” feature starts to move on its own, and when it hits outer space, a warning card pops up in front of Danny: “Meteor shower. Maneuver…”. Meteorites hit the house outside.

Top 5 good kids movies, interesting viewers of any age

The author of the story “Jumanji” Chris Van Allsburg later wrote a thing no worse than “Zatura”, the latter even more addictive. Both have been filmed.


USA, 2014, comedy, musical

Theme: the struggle of talent against mediocrity

Rating according to kino-teatr.ua: 10/10

Cast: Aleksey Gorbunov, Nonna Grishaeva, Vladimir Goryansky, Rimma Zyubina

The film tells about a 13-year-old teenager Kolya Shevchenko, who plays the trumpet in the children's brass band “Berezil”. Having written the song “Tramp”, he longs to win a music competition with her and thereby win the heart of Lisa's classmate. But all around – the intrigues of enemies …

Top 5 good films for children, interesting to viewers of any age

The music for the film was specially written by the world famous band Gogol Bordello. Actor Vladimir Goryansky in this film played a certain Gamkalo Stepan – a bald intriguer dressed in a jacket and similar to a Stalinist. One of the best negative roles of the master.

We would like to note that the day after tomorrow, June 3, the Ukrainian Children Film Festival-2022 will begin, where free online screenings of new children's films from different countries will take place on territories of Ukraine and Poland: from 3 to 12 June 2022. How to see them – everything is on the site.

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