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Top 6 Best Apps for Travel

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When traveling, the unexpected is legion, especially when you visit a region you don't know. We then often find ourselves pressed for time, when we have to download the app for an essential service upon arrival but the journey is already underway. But with several dozen countries visited by the team, we have already had the opportunity to install many of the said platforms.

In this top 6, we present to you the best applications for travel that we have had the opportunity to test – and adopt. You will find in particular free offers, if your reduced budget does not allow you great luxury. And if you're already trying not to miss your plane, you can consult the summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each app, to go faster.

To travel light on your back during transit visits.

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LuggageHero lets you find safe places to store your luggage when you first arrive in a city. We particularly like the app because it covers dozens of different metropolises. If you plan to visit a city for only a few hours, during a layover between two flights, this is an essential service.

As a bonus, your bags and suitcases are covered by a guarantee. So, in the event of loss, theft or damage, you can be reimbursed. But all the network partners are businesses that work hand in hand with LuggageHero, so security is there. The staff is also very welcoming, and will be able to reassure you and give you the best visiting advice if you have just landed and have not planned anything special.

Prices are fixed, normally: 4.5 euros per day of storage or 1 euro per hour. In reality, however, the pricing policy is not always clear. So, the last time we used the app in Doha, prices were doubled without explanation. But the amount was of course specified before booking, and Bounce, an app offering the same solutions, offered better deals.


  • Over two hundred cities covered
  • Insurance against loss or damage
  • Very intuitive, easy to use mobile app


  • Small towns are not covered
  • Unclear pricing
  • Times are sometimes wrong

The best travel app to stay safe.

You don't know how to protect yourself against everyday accidents in countries other than where you live ? Then SafetyWing is made for you. This insurance for digital nomads, a competitor to World Nomads, allows you to be reimbursed if your flight has been canceled or you have to pay the costs of an unforeseen medical emergency.

With SafetyWing, you can also be covered in the event of a road accident. Additionally, if airport staff loses your luggage, then again you will be able to receive money as compensation. The maximum payment limit is currently $250,000 per incident, but costs may change over time and depending on your profile.

Finally, know that SafetyWing is also very practical for those who change countries regularly. Indeed, you have a world map and you just have to click on the new country where you wish to be covered, for the change to be taken into account.


    < li>Good guarantees in the event of an accident
  • Dental emergencies are also covered
  • Prices


  • Lots of supporting documents required to be reimbursed
  • United States not included in base offer
  • Only $1000 covered by computer

The best application for accommodation while traveling.

We no longer present Airbnb. Backed by Y Combinator in its infancy, the platform quickly established itself as the best alternative to traditional hotels. You can book accommodation there, often managed by individuals and well appointed. What's more, this time, addresses are available both in the city center and in incredible places surrounded by nature.

Plus, you can offset the cost of your Airbnb rental by hosting people in your home while you're away. Insurance covers you in the event of damage to your home. Security is also there thanks to the notes left by hosts on their visitors, and vice versa. And because you deal with a trusted third party, you avoid scams.

For smaller budgets, you can also use Hostelworld. The app lists many youth hostels, but Airbnb does too. On the other hand, Hostelworld differentiates itself thanks to a chat which allows backpackers visiting the same city to meet.


  • Clean and well located accommodation
  • $3 million guarantee in case of an incident at your home
  • Host pay

The minuses

  • The prices have cruelly suffered from inflation
  • Does not work in China or Russia
  • Less human contact with key boxes

The best app for finding toilets while traveling.

Top 6 Best Apps for Travel

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A pressing desire in the heart of a city you don't know. You have just arrived and don't have any cash yet, but this is often required for foreigners if they go to a café. You try to search for public toilets on Google Maps, but the nearest shopping center is a ten-minute walk away. Fortunately, the Flush app saves you at the last minute: it lists all the accessible toilets around you!

Users can also give their opinion on each restroom. In addition, Flush also indicates the paid toilets, and those which are accessible to the disabled. In total, more than two hundred thousand toilets are listed, all around the globe. And of course, both Android and iOS allow you to install the app directly from the Google Play Store or the App Store.


  • Works worldwide
  • Completely free
  • Clear details about each location


  • In-app advertising in free version
  • Information may be inaccurate
  • No Mac version

< em>The best app for getting around efficiently.

You are on your own? So you know that the time spent looking for an affordable journey is sometimes so long that it would ultimately have been more profitable to book the first ticket that came along. Rome2Rio solves this problem brilliantly. Simply enter your departure city and arrival city, and you'll know the best route to get there.

The app highlights the different means of transport (plane, bus, taxi, train) and price estimates. So, you can make your choice according to your budget or your ecological beliefs. A tab even allows you to search for accommodation, via Booking. All with a clean design and a responsive interface. A web version is also available, for greater reading comfort. It's our favorite client.

For bike trips, which are not expressed in Rome2Rio, you can go through Google Maps. Or Citymapper, in countries that Alphabet does not support cycling.


  • Diversity of means of transport
  • Booking integration
  • Price estimates for car trips


  • You can't pay for your bus ticket with the app
  • No information on the carbon footprint of planes
  • The profile of recommended taxis

The best app for digital nomads.

Top 6 Best Apps for Travel

l’app Revolut © Revolut

Revolut is the most efficient mobile bank on the market, but it's also a great travel companion. In fact, you will be able to receive a credit card which works in almost all countries. As a bonus, it takes care of converting your money for each contactless payment. Useful if you don't already have the currency of the country you plan to visit.

Revolut also offers privileged access to airport lounges, thanks to DragonPass integration for those using the paid version. With this, a transparent tab informs you of the bank's prices, and the volume of included services that you have already benefited from. For example, you can find out how many free withdrawals you have made during the month. And to track your expenses and do the math, an illustrated budget categorizes your expenses automatically.

As an alternative to Revolut, you can also download Bunq or N26.

The best

  • Access to airport lounges (Ultra offer)
  • The best neobank on the market in 2024
  • Responsive customer service by chat

The least

  • Flight insurance does not cover travel beyond 90 days
  • Exchange fees on weekends, even with the Ultra offer
  • Business offer too limited

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