Top 7 products for effective hair growth called doctors

Health and beauty of hair, which, as we know, are a true ornament of women and men, largely depend on how it feeds people. The experts presented the Network’s Top 7 best foods for effective growth and strength of hair that you want to include in the daily diet.

Топ-7 продуктов для эффективного роста волос назвали медики

The leader of the list were eggs containing protein. According to experts, the hair is composed of keratin. This protein is essential as a building material. It enhances the growth and overall makes the hair thicker and stronger. Since eggs are a rich natural source of protein, they should be sure to include in your daily diet. On the second list of the Top 7 best foods for effective hair growth is dark green, which is characterized by high iron content. The lack of this element leads not only to deterioration of hair, but to baldness. Next come citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, which can not assimilate the iron. Also, this vitamin is essential for the production of collagen, the fibrillar protein is the basis of connective tissues of the body and provides it with strength and elasticity. In the fourth position of the rating are nuts and seeds, which contain the supply and ensure the density of hair omega-3. The human body cannot produce these healthy fats on their own, so they must be included in the diet.

In fifth place was whole grain, play an important role in the process of developing the necessary for hair growth amino acids. In sixth position is rich in vitamin a carrots. This element helps the scalp to produce natural sebum which keeps the hair roots and makes them strong and healthy. Closes the list of avocado, rich in vitamin E. It improves blood circulation and promotes growth of hair. This element also prevents clogging of hair follicles, which can cause the formation of dandruff.

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