Top Chef 2022: why so much hatred towards Louise Bourrat?

Top Chef 2022: why so much hatred towards Louise Bourrat?

Louise Bourrat is the big winner of Top Chef 2022. However, her journey has not been easy. The candidate reveals more about her adventure.

Louise Bourrat faced Arnaud Delvenne in the highly commented final of M6's flagship program. It was the end of a season rich in creativity and unexpected additions to the culinary vocabulary! It was Louise Bourrat who finally discovered the winning knife blade. The candidate was rewarded for her menu, which all the chefs found more daring. Social networks did not wait for the announcement of the result to react! Throughout the season, comments have been numerous. For Louise Bourrat, the messages were sometimes not tender! The candidate recently confided in an interview with Konbini. She also insists on the need to “keep in mind that filming and broadcasting are two completely separate things”.

Louise Bourrat, like the other candidates, underlines the incredible human and professional experience that constitutes Top Chef. She also warns against the consequences inherent in sudden exposure. Social media can be extremely bitter, even insulting. Asked about her reading of the comments, the Portugal-based chef admitted it was a double-edged sword. “I don't do it a lot, but sometimes they don't give me a choice…”, she admits. She adds: “I see some very nice stuff, but also comments like 'Big ass', 'You should burn in hell', 'At the stake the witch'”. This outpouring of hate has been relatively constant since the start of the season. Many Internet users have judged that Louise Bourrat had no place in the competition.

Louise Bourrat did not deserve her victory, no offense to the disgruntled!

Louise Bourrat wanted to dedicate her victory to her teammates, essential elements of her victory. Alongside Hélène Darroze, she also wanted to prove to all the girls and women in the business that their dreams were accessible. Louise Bourrat campaigns for true equality. Arnaud Delvenne's experience has also shown that, unfortunately, prejudices in the kitchen are still tenacious. Louise reveals “I got so fucked up in the comments that I stop reading them. It pisses me off because it ruins my victories”. It is her talent and her creativity that allowed Louise Bourrat to win the victory in Top Chef 2022. Some also seem to have forgotten that a television show is made of montages. Hasty judgments in these cases can only be wrong. Let's bet that Louise Bourrat's culinary adventure will continue on this good momentum, it has not been undeserved!

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