Top Gun 2: will the supersonic Tom Cruise soon cross the billion mark at the global box office?


While Top Gun: Maverick was able to establish its power at the box office around the world, the footage exceeded 900 million dollars in revenue, and is now aiming for a billion.

The continuation of the adventures of Pete Mitchell will have taken time to invest the cinemas, but everything comes to the point to who knows how to wait. Without too many surprises, the ultra-big production carried by Tom Cruise, ageless and limitless hero, imposed itself at the world box office with the subtlety of an explosion in a Michael Bay film.

After an absolutely dazzling take-off – the best of the actor's career, it will be specified -, Joseph Kosinski's film continues since its little merry way to the top.In fact, less than three weeks after its theatrical release, Maverick's planes were already outdistancing the multiversal adventures and other tricks of Doctor Strange 2 and their 400 million dollars at the box office. domestic, as well as The Batman by Matt Reeves, which had earned 369 million greenbacks in North America.

Now, and just a month into operation, Top Gun 2 has just crossed the milestone of $900 million in worldwide revenue, or $474 million dollars in domestic revenue, and 427.1 million internationally. An absolutely amazing figure, which amply reimburses the (really not) modest budget of the film estimated at 152 million dollars, and allows its main interpreter to come and tickle, to within more or less 40 million dollars, the very first place in the world box office 2022.

So it's only a matter of time before Maverick< /strong> exceeds one billion, which it is estimated to reach by next week. It could also be, beyond the incredible success of the film and the durability of its attendance in theaters, that Pete Mitchell and his acolytes come to rub shoulders with the incredible $1.9 billion raised by Spider-Man: No Way Home.

So? Who's the Boss?

Became the second highest grossing hit in Paramount Studios history >(Just terrier the juggernaut Titanic), Top Gun 2 knew how to impose its place among the big Hollywood franchises. For comparison, the last James Bond, Dying Can Wait, collected “only” 773 million dollars worldwide, while some of the Marvel productions post-pandemic failed to exceed $450 million (Shang-Chihad grossed 432 million worldwide, The Eternals, 400 million, and Black Widow, 379 million).

And if the digital dinosaurs of Jurassic World 3 have recently landed in dark rooms, their current 631 million dollars are not likely to overshadow the Tom Cruise's Colgate Smile. At least for the moment, if we stick to the commercial performance of the two previous parts (1.8 billion for Jurassic World first of the name in 2015, and 1.3 billion for Fallen Kingdom in 2018).

< p style="text-align: justify;">Admittedly deprived of distribution in China (unlike Colin Trevorrow's footage, which may cause some concern), Top Gun 2 can however count in other markets to shine. Thus, the United Kingdom has so far contributed to the success of the footage to the tune of 72.3 million dollars, Japan, 43.9 million, Australia, 40.6 million, France, $35.4 million, and Germany $21.2 million.

In fact, even without the Chinese revenue (which, casually, can be very heavy), Maverick should still have a few happy days. As for the billion, verdict very soon.