“Top Gun” with Tom Cruise breaks financial records and an enemy resembling the Russian Federation

Top Gun: Maverick blockbuster is “Only old men go to battle” in American style , but with a propaganda bias.

The US film “Top Gun: Maverick” about fighter pilots grossed a record $ 885.2 million in two weeks of rental. In the US alone, the picture has more than $ 466 million.

“Top Gun: Maverick” is a sequel to the 1986 film about pilot Pete Mitchell, who fought 36 years ago with Soviet fighters, although the enemy was not directly named. The current success of the film is helped by the fact that the goal for the aces is the destruction of a uranium production plant, which seems to be located in the Ural Mountains. And Tom Cruise's character fights with a helicopter that looks like a Russian-made Black Shark.

Given that America is Ukraine's ally in the Russian-Ukrainian war, it's no surprise that this is a fairly standard but well-knit 2020 military action movie ( not released then due to covid) coincided with today's agenda, when the whole world is talking about this war. But in some moments the film is close to a propaganda campaign.

“Top Gun: Maverick” interior setting

The genre of the painting “Top Gun: Maverick” is more correctly attributed to a western, where instead of cowboys there are aces fighters: everything here is cheerful and almost fun. In the US Army, there is continuous competition at all levels: there is a fight under the carpet, carpet and above the carpet. There are intrigues from the authorities: they are inciting Captain Maverick, they want to take away the budget from his military program. And not just someone of equal rank, but a whole admiral, so ace Pete Mitchell almost hit his bald head when his fighter took off – a western is a western!

For the audacity of the hero, the authorities hate him, but his subordinates adore him. And even during the banned flight, the team maintains the illusion that the communication outage is “just a radio junk due to the curvature of the horizon.” The image of Cruise's character's test flight is equated with the pathos of showing astronauts walking on the moon for the first time. But the authors skillfully dilute the military-patriotic message of the picture with humor, like a dialogue: “I don't like your look!” – “I have no other”.

Failures and good luck fall on the hero (test pilot) equally: he ruined an experimental fighter, but suddenly they invited Top Gun pilots to supervise a secret mission. The captain's ass is covered by his secret patron in the highest general circles.

To complete the task, they recruited “the best of the best.” They are all the time half-threateningly joking with each other, showing off like scalps shot down by enemy aircraft. But, of course, everyone in the exercises is put on the shoulder blades by the hero of Tom Cruise – the image of Superman without a single speck. The captain is perfect. And when he courts an ex-girlfriend, and when he flies on a motorcycle along a night highway: a radiant smile, dark glasses – everything is with him.

Symphonic illustrative music is appropriate, but purely American motifs often sound in the film: funk, rock and roll, jazz – they also emphasize that everything is made in USA, and the USA produces the best.

The picture goes at such a fast pace that the writers do not even always clearly connect the episodes with each other, but here everything is pulled out by the impeccable Tom Cruise in the frame. You don’t ask anymore: how did his hero and his girlfriend end up on a luxury yacht if they went to buy alcohol for her bar at the airport?

Top Gun: Maverick takes place: not Iran, but Ural h2>

The task of the aces is as follows: it is necessary to bomb a certain plant, which in a week will produce uranium, which means “threatening the security of the United States.” But this plant is located in the mountains, guarded by missiles, and it is extremely difficult to get into it. To be honest, we thought we were talking about a conditional Iran. Therefore, they were surprised when they showed the plant in a landscape reminiscent of the snow-covered Ural Mountains. We won't spoil it, but let's just say that Maverick will have to fight with a helicopter resembling a Russian-made Black Shark.

If we remember that in the first “Top Gun” in 1986, although the enemy was not specifically named , he flew on Soviet fighters – then we will stop being surprised. According to some features of the conditional enemy of the hero Cruz can be designated as the Russian Federation. And in the light of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which the whole world is talking about, this adds a lot of bonuses to the picture.

What annoys you in the movie “Top Gun: Maverick”? Miracles and only

All the fighting in the film is more like an attraction or a video game, rather than episodes of real service. We see enemies only in black helmets, they look like aliens behind impenetrable black glasses. So that it would not be a pity to kill them. And here the feature film smoothly flows into propaganda propaganda. For example, during a briefing, the protagonist calls a missile hitting an enemy factory a “miracle”. In order to blow up the most there, you need two “miracles”. In our opinion, this is a clear overkill. Moreover, according to the film, the fault of the enemy factory is only that it “is a potential threat to the security of the United States.”

Tom Cruise's charisma, as best he can, obscures the propaganda seams in the picture, highlighting personal skill and Pete's heroism, and the captain's repeated violation of discipline and subordination only give positive results in the end. Pete can handle ten times the load: the plane is wrecked, he is not.

Any American or Ukrainian viewer should understand, after watching this $170 million blockbuster, that the US military aircraft – with all its internal “cockroaches” and showdowns – reliable and efficient. There – the best of the best, who will do everything possible, and Pete Maverick – even the impossible. And given the situation in the world (the same Russian-Ukrainian war), which does not even think of being discharged, the fees of the film “Top Gun: Maverick” are likely to cross the $ 1 billion mark. The mood of this film coincides with the expectations of the world public, with the exception, of course, Russian.

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