Top Successful Ways to Lose Weight Quickly Without Exercise


    Top best ways to lose weight fast without exercise

    We offer several successful scenarios for quick weight loss

    Maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong endeavor. But sometimes you want to lose weight quickly, whether it's to fit your personal requirements, feel better in a bikini, or fit into your dream wedding dress. There is little you can safely do in 3 days to lose weight, but you can shed excess weight and volume in a short period of time by following a fad diet or taking steps to reduce water weight and bloating. . To truly lose calories, burn fat, build muscle and achieve long-term results, you will have to seriously change your diet and lifestyle.

    Top best ways to lose weight fast without exercise

    Fader diet for short term results

    Try the 3 Day Diet. The 3-Day Diet, sometimes referred to as the Military Diet, is a three-day diet plan with a strict breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule. Proponents of this method recommend following the meal plan as closely as possible, and then returning to a more normalized 1,500-calorie diet for the rest of the week.

    Breakfast on the first day consists of:

    1 cup (0 25 liters) unsweetened black coffee or tea

    1 slice of toast, preferably whole wheat flour

    2 tablespoons (30 ml) peanut butter

    1/2 grapefruit

    Day 1 lunch consists of:

    1 cup (0.25 liter) unsweetened black coffee or tea

    1 slice of toast, preferably whole grain flour

    1/2 can of tuna

    Dinner on the first day consists of:

    3 ounces (85 grams – about the size of a deck of playing cards) of any meat

    1 cup (340 g) of green beans, steamed or raw

    1/2 banana


    1 small apple

    1 cup (0.25 liter) vanilla ice cream

    Breakfast on the 2nd day consists of:

    1 egg, prepared as you prefer

    1 slice of toast, preferably with whole wheat flour

    1/2 banana

    Day 2 lunch consists of:

    1 hard boiled egg

    1 cup (0.25 liter) cottage cheese

    20 grams baked sweet potato chips

    Dinner on day 2 consists of:

    2 hot dogs (without hot dog buns)

    1 cup (340 g) broccoli

    1 /2 cups (170 g) carrots

    1/2 bananas

    1/2 cups (0.12 liters) vanilla ice cream

    Breakfast on the 3rd the day consists of:

    1 small apple

    1 slice of cheddar cheese

    20 grams of baked sweet potato chips

    Third day lunch consists from:

    1 egg, cooked as you prefer

    1 slice of toast, preferably whole wheat flour

    Dinner on day 3 consists of:

    1 cup (340g) tuna

    1/2 banana< /p>

    1 cup (0.25 liter) vanilla ice cream

    Top best ways to lose weight fast without exercise

    Consider also a 3-day fast. Some studies have shown that drinking only water and limiting your intake to less than 200 calories a day for just 3 days can help you reboot your immune system in addition to losing weight quickly.

    This form of “forced fasting” depletes your stores energy (in the form of glycogen) that causes your body to recycle and then create new immune cells after you finish your fast.

    Warning! Fasting can be harmful, especially for young and old people, as well as people with other health problems. If you are seriously considering trying the 3-day fast, you should check with your doctor first.

    Fluid Loss and Short Term Results

    Top best ways to lose weight fast without exercise

    As for the salt. Sodium helps store water in the body, and limiting your intake of salt and other high-sodium foods can help you lose excess water intake.

    Limit your daily sodium intake to 1-1.5 grams per day . (Less than 2.3 grams is the medically recommended dose for those under 50 years of age.)

    Avoid canned and prepackaged foods, including sauces and dressings. These types of canned foods often rely on salt as a preservative and are thus high in sodium.

    Skip deli meats and cold cuts. They are also rich in sodium.

    Save on salt when cooking.

    Reduce your cheese intake. Cheese has a high salt content.

    Drink water. It is important to stay hydrated

    Drink more water. It may seem counterintuitive, but drinking plenty of water is essential when you're trying to lose weight. By drinking 3.8 liters of water throughout the day, you will normalize the level of hydration and maintain fluid balance.

    Top best ways to lose weight fast without exercise

    Add some lemon to the water. Lemon can act as a digestive aid and diuretic, which can help with both water retention and bloating.

    Have a second cup of coffee or tea. These drinks can act as diuretics, meaning that they stimulate your body to excrete more water.

    Get plenty of rest and sleep. In addition to sodium, cortisol levels in the body also affect water retention.

    Make sure your cortisol levels are under control, sleep at least 7-9 hours a night.

    Try to reduce your physical loads for 3 days. Exercise can actually increase your cortisol levels.

    Relax and de-stress with soothing tea, soothing music, meditation and breathing exercises. All of these can help you relax and lower your cortisol levels.

    Take an antigas pill. While it's not recommended to resort to fluid withdrawal or “diet” pills, you can safely try taking one OTC anti-gas pill to reduce excess air, gas, or other forms of intestinal bloating for a quick weight loss effect.

    Try magnesium supplements . If you don't have gastrointestinal issues, try taking magnesium supplements to help cleanse your colon.

    Do some special stretches for the abdomen. This will help stretch and relax your abdominal muscles

    Try bending both knees towards your stomach while lying on the floor. In some cases, this pose may temporarily improve bowel function.

    Top best ways to lose weight fast without exercise

    Pay attention to your posture too. Try to sit and stand straight, do not hunch over and do not pull in your stomach. This can cause cramps and stomach cramps.

    Make some dietary changes. Changing what and when you eat can help you get rid of bloating.

    Avoid beans, the infamous gaseous musical “fruit”.

    Eat small meals, slowly, and more often in during the day to avoid bloating while eating.

    Eat more fiber. Choose protein shakes, yogurt, and low-sodium soups instead of solid foods. Liquids are easier to digest and do not bloat the stomach as much as solid foods. Add some fiber-rich fruits to your smoothies and yogurt to help digestion move in (and out of) your gut.

    Avoid sodas and chewing gum. The bubbles in these drinks can lead to bloating and you swallow a lot of extra air when you chew your gum.

    Top best ways to lose weight fast without exercise

    Reduce the number of “problem products”. The biggest “problem foods” are solid fats, added sugars, salts and starches. They make up over 800 of our daily calories, and we often consume them without even noticing!

    Pay attention to food labels and avoid foods with solid, trans, saturated fats, and added sugar.< /p>

    Eliminate fast food and refined grains (like white bread), which are high in fat and often loaded with excess unnecessary sugars.

    Restricting salt and starch will help you reduce fluid retention and reduce water weight, which is great for a quick meal. weight loss.

    Control your portions. It is equally important to consider how much food you eat, in addition to what foods you eat. Try reducing portions to save calories and follow these basic portion control guidelines:

    Eat 142-184 grams of lean (non-fat) proteins like chicken, beans, and fish.

    Eat 142-227 grams of grains, 1/2 of which should be whole grains.

    Eat 1.5-2 cups (0.35-0.5 L) of fruit.

    < p>Eat 2.5-3.5 cups (0.6-0.8 liters) of vegetables.

    Drink 3 cups (0.7 liters) of a low-fat or low-fat diary.

    Eat no more than 5-7 teaspoons (25-35 ml) of oils (try to get them from vegetable and protein sources).

    Consume no more than 121 calories from solid fats and added sugars.


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