Top TV series of December. Harrison Cowboy, Chastain – Country Ladies, Monster Hunters and Treasure Hunters

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  • Top serials of December. Harrison cowboy, Chastain – country lady, monster hunters and treasure

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  • Top TV shows of December. Harrison cowboy, Chastain – country lady, monster hunters and treasure hunters

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  • Top TV shows of December. Harrison cowboy, Chastain – country lady, monster hunters and treasure hunters


  • Top TV shows of December. Harrison cowboy, Chastain – country lady, monster and treasure hunters

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  • Top TV series of December. Harrison cowboy, Chastain – country lady, monster hunters and treasure hunters

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  • Top TV series of December. Harrison cowboy, Chastain – country lady, monster hunters and treasure hunters

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Top -serials of December Harrison the Cowboy, Chastain – Country Lady, Monster Hunters and Treasure Hunters

In December, we are waiting for interesting premieres of different genres: a mystical detective and country-style melodrama, a spy thriller and a western with Harrison Ford, and at the finish line – a prequel to the cult fantasy The Witcher.

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Three Pines/Three Pines

Canada, Mystery, Detective, Crime Drama

Premier: December 2

Platform : Amazon Prime Video

Starring: Alfred Molina, Rossif Sutherland, Marie-Jose Bélanger

The new series follows Detective Armand Gamache, the protagonist of the Louise Penny series of novels, who must deal with a series of murders in the village of Three Pines. Unexpectedly, he meets with his own ghosts of the past, revealing the terrible secrets of a provincial town.

A series for fans of atmospheric detectives, when under the guise of decency a policeman finds a bunch of vices.

“George and Tammy”/George & Tammy

USA biographical musical drama

Premiering: December 4

Platform: Showtime

Starring: Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain

A well-made series for those who like works about human creators like Elvis (2022) about a rock and roll star or Munk (2020) about a Hollywood screenwriter.

The series tells about two American country stars George Jones and Tammy Wynette during the period of their lives when they became spouses. It was not her first marriage, and George suffered from alcoholism, but he tried to become an exemplary (or not so) husband. Both spouses achieved their fame on their own, George is the record holder for the number of country hits (he has 167 of them), and Tammy was called the “country lady” in the USA. In general, there are two stars in the frame, two bright stories.

“There is something special in the first hit. This “something” changes a person. After the first successful performance, only you can't wait for the next”, — reads the trailer.

Watch the mesmerizingly good duo of actors Michael Shannon (War of the Currents, The Shape of Water) and Jessica Chastain (Interstellar). This is their first class work.

“National Treasure: Edge of History”/National Treasure: Edge of History

USA, 2022, adventure, action, thriller

Premier: December 14< /p>

Platform: Disney+

Cast: Lysette Alexis, Justin Bartha, Brida Wool

This is a film adaptation of one of the most famous works of American science fiction writer Octavia Butler – her 1979 novel of the same name. The new series is a continuation of the “zero” film franchise. Addressed to fans of the thriller “The Da Vinci Code” (2006) and, in fact, the films of the same name “National Treasures” (2004) and “National Treasures: Book of Secrets” (2007), where the complete decoding of ancient manuscripts that open the keys to secret treasures, as well as skirmishes and love – in the pauses between puzzles.

On her 20th birthday, aspiring writer Morales learns the shocking truth about the death of the head of her family. In an effort to unravel the mysteries of her kind, she embarks on a dangerous journey. On the way to the missing relics, many trials await her, but the girl's best friends did not allow her to risk her life alone and set off together with the beauty.

Forward – for treasures!

“Recruit”/The Recruit

USA 2022 spy adventure thriller

Premier: December 16

Platform: Netflix

Starring: Noah Centineo, Alexandra Petrachuk, Linus Roach, Laura Haddock

24-year-old lawyer Owen gets a job at the CIA. He is assigned to meet with a prisoner who threatens to reveal classified information if she is not released. Getting to know her draws Owen into an international spy conspiracy. From the spot – to the quarry!

Of course, the spy thriller “The Recruit” (2003) with Al Pacino and Colin Farrell immediately comes to mind. It's close, but the plot is still different.

Here you will find a dynamic pace of the narrative, rapidly changing circumstances, a whirlpool of events, endless set-ups, deadly and homerically funny situations. In this “crucible” the formation and maturation of the protagonist takes place. He must be lucky! After all, newcomers are lucky!


USA, 2022, western, drama

Premier: December 18

Platform: Paramount+

Cast: Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren

This is the second Yellowstone prequel after 1883. As the title suggests, the action takes place in 1923. This story follows two generations of the Dutton family as they faced the aftermath of World War I and then Prohibition. The heroes have to survive in the harsh conditions of the Great Depression, lawlessness and prohibitions, fight competitors and crop failures.

In the center is a veteran of the Western movement Harrison Ford. The charismatic actor is under the care of today's most experienced showrunner in this genre – Taylor Sheridan.

In general, this thing is for Western fans, the bonus here is savory historical details of the 1920s. The common slogan for all the heroes: “Greed will kill us all.” You won't be bored!

The Witcher: Blood Origin

USA, 2022, action, fantasy, adventure

Premier: December 25

Platform: Netflix

Cast: Michelle Yeoh, Nathaniel Curtis, Lenny Henry

The miniseries is a prequel to the cult story about the Witcher (Witchers, who do not know, are monster hunters). It is known that the action of the series takes place 1200 years before the meeting of Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer. There is the Empire and there are those who are tired of its oppression and want to undermine its power – these are seven strangers. Fights, portals, transformations, monsters, if you are a fan of all this – you are here.

The main role will be played by the colorful Michelle Yeoh (“Memoirs of a Geisha”) – she is a warrior named Eile, who left her clan and queen, to become an itinerant musician. But she was prevented from becoming a pop star by all sorts of monsters. Of course, the latter will face cruel reprisals: it is not safe for a woman to interfere with singing when she really wants to.

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