Toronto Homeless Murder: Minor #8 Has Many Cards Up Her Sleeve

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Toronto Homeless Murder: Minor No. 8 Has Several Cards Up Her Sleeve

Young girls are charged with stabbing a homeless man to death last month in downtown Toronto.

Lawyer Joanne Prince, standing next to teenager No 8 (rear), addresses the person in the witness box who cannot be identified. Prosecutor Sarah de Filippis was on zoom (on screen) to the right of Judge Maria Sirivar during the hearing on February 10, 2023.

In Toronto, the defense of one of eight teenage girls charged with the unpremeditated murder of a homeless man in December 2022 is considering all options to secure the release of her young client who is on the run from prison. was denied bail last month.

Teenager No. 8, who cannot be identified under the law because of her age, was back Friday morning in Toronto Youth Court to receive reasons unfavorable comments from the magistrate about her.

First group bail hearing of 7 teenage girls accused of murder

His lawyer, Joanne Prince, says she wants to consider all the options she has before her, either a second bail hearing or a judicial review of the judge's decision as in the case of the other two. minors who are in the same situation.

The reasons of Judge Maria Sirivar, of the Ontario Court of Justice, are however subject to a prohibition of publication.

In an aside discussion with Radio-Canada just before the hearing, Me Prince seemed to initially favor the idea of ​​requesting a second bail hearing to submit a new release plan for his client. under strict conditions.

The Court of youth court in Toronto, where the eight teenage girls accused of unpremeditated murder appear in groups or in turn.

In total, three teenagers were therefore refused bail while awaiting trial. The first was heard on Wednesday and the other on Thursday.

The first two applications for judicial review will probably not be heard together, since the judge's reasons differ from ;one defendant to another.

However, these three minors have already been transferred, on the order of the judge, from a maximum security detention center to a minimum security remand center, whose name and address are kept confidential.


The five teenage girls who have been released are subject to strict house arrest conditions. They will know the reasons of the magistrate, favorable this time, on March 17.

Ken Lee was the victim of a knife attack in downtown Toronto on December 17, 2022.

The eight teenage girls are all charged with the unpremeditated murder of Ken Lee the night of Dec. 17, 2022 in a park near Union Station downtown.

Police say the girls, who are between 13 and 16 years old, surrounded the 59-year-old victim before stabbing her.

The minors will have to return to Judge Sirivar on April 5 in the new Toronto court to learn about the rest of the proceedings that have been initiated against them.

No trial date has yet been set, however.

A publication ban prevents us from say more about this case.

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