Toronto police crack down on gun smugglers

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Toronto Police's Crackdown on the World of Arms Traffickers

In eight months, Operation Barbell helped to x27;arrest six individuals and seize around sixty firearms.

Operation Barbell seized 70 firearms from four east Toronto residences on May 8, 2022.

A major new police operation has confirmed what Toronto police have always known: the weapons circulating on the streets of the metropolis are indeed from the United States, in particular from Texas and the United States. ;Arizona.

Toronto police announced on Monday the arrest of six individuals and the discovery of 68 handguns and eight rifles intended for resale on the market from the Toronto area.

Launched in the fall of 2021, Operation Barbell completed last spring searches using court warrants at several residences in east Toronto and inside several vehicles.

A total of five men and one woman were apprehended and face 260 criminal charges related to firearms trafficking, including those of possession and conspiracy.

One ​​of the men, Syed Mohammed Ali Zaidi, is also associated, according to the police, with the shooting which occurred in a bar on Queen Street East on October 19, 2021. No one was injured.

Police Chief James Ramer, who personally attended the press conference, says this latest shot net is good news for Torontonians.

Toronto Police Service Chief James Ramer believes the perpetrators of shootings should be dealt with harshly.

Gun violence continues to be the biggest public safety issue. more important to Torontonians, he says.

The four individuals whose identities have been revealed are scheduled to appear in court in Scarborough, eastern Toronto, on Friday. the city. The other two will appear at an undetermined date.

It is not known why the latter two individuals have not been identified.

In all, 68 firearms, including AR-15s, and eight rifles were confiscated. Ammunition was also seized.

The value of these weapons is estimated at between $4,500 and $6,000 each.

Amounts of Cash, the amount of which was not specified, was also found in one of the homes that was searched on May 28, 2022.

Two stolen BMW brand cars were also confiscated during the operation. Their serial numbers had been erased and replaced with false numbers.

Superintendent Steve Watts, Toronto Police Organized Crime Squad

Toronto Police Organized Crime Squad Superintendent Steve Watts talks about sophisticated weapons.

This seizure will remove dangerous weapons from circulation and save lives, especially those of innocent citizens, he explains.

There are 62 handguns whose tracing revealed that they came largely from Texas and Arizona.

According to Superintendent Watts, 98% of weapons seized come from the United States. This says a lot about the porosity of our borders and the flow of illegal weapons into Canada, he adds.

In fact, only one weapon came from the #x27;Ontario. The origin of the other weapons could not be traced or confirmed.

The loot seized by the police includes five type assault rifles AR-15 and three more AK-types.

In this regard, Chief Ramer says the federal government needs to invest more money in the fight against smuggling. x27;weapons at the borders, without however specifying the amount.

The impact and trauma of this violence in the community is serious and one of our concerns remains the number of innocent victims who end up in the crossfire of street gangs who burst into downtown bars, points out

Chief Ramer says his service remains committed to working with all levels of government to prevent gun trafficking and understand the causes root causes of this phenomenon in order to stop it.

We are also committed to targeting those who deliberately choose to possess, carry and use illegal weapons in our neighborhoods, he concludes.

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