Toshiba Canvio Ready External Storage Drive


    Canvio Ready External Storage Drive , of Toshiba

    The company Toshibais well known for its storage products whose offer is growing in both range and capacity, in fact the brand announced It recently expanded the capacity of its popular Canvio family with versions up to 4 TB, especially thinking of users who need to store large files and keep backup copies of their data. Canvio Ready has benefited from this capacity expansion policy and, of course, they support Windows and Mac operating systems and are compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0.

    For end users (not companies) and in order to keep vacation photos and videos safe, it is recommended to download them from the photo/video camera or mobile phone and to make a backup, for which the Canvio Ready 2TB version would be sufficient, a disk that is optimal for saving space on the main devices and, at the same time, having saved copies. The best way to safeguard information and prevent it from being lost.


    The Canvio Ready family of hard drives have a sleek and slim design and combine practical features such as a ramp-load design to prevent internal wear, plug-and-play functionality and a flexible range of capacity options: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB. 3TB and now also 4TB.

    Available in colors such as black or red.


    The external hard drive (HDD), Canvio 2TB ReadyIt provides remarkable transfer speed and an ergonomic and compact design that makes it easy to move and store files, but above all to keep them safe.

    It has a USB 3.0 connection and is compatible with the USB 2.0 standard. Thus, the highest possible transfer speed is available, up to 5 Gbit/sand, at the same time, the drive can be used in older devices, and continue to do so if the user decides to upgrade such hardware. It's a plug-and-play drive, so it works instantly with any Microsoft product, without the need to install any additional software.

    The device in use

    This is a reliable and robust drive for backing up or storing important files. Includes an anti-shock sensor to keep data safe. It is compact, easy and fast.

    It includes a ramp-loading design that prevents drive damage while in motion and a shock sensor that interrupts power supply to protect data in the event of physical stress. ;sico. 

    Featured Benefits

    A place for all of this summer's files and more, depending on the chosen capacity. is available in a range of sizes up to 4TB. 

    It's fast and secure with high transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbit/s.

    Done for plug-and-play, no additional configuration is required. 

    Toshiba Canvio Ready Specifications

    HDD Size: 2.5″

    HDD Capacity: 2000 GB

    File format system: NTFS

    Maximum data transfer rate: 5000 Mbit/s

    USB connector: Micro-USB B

    USB Version: 3.2 Gen 1 (3.1 Gen 1)

    Product Color: Black/Red

    Plug and Play: Yes

    Supported Windows operating system: Yes

    Bus power supply: USB

    Weight and dimensions

    Width: 78 mm

    Depth: 109 mm

    Height: 14 mm

    Weight: 149 g

    Cables included: USB type A

    2TB model price: about 80 euros

    Summary of features

    Two-tone finish

    Simple installation

    Drag and drop file storage

    Ready to store.Very fast transfer

    Shock resistant


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