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Total astonishment at Orange and Bouygues, this new 200 GB 5G package knocks them out

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The prices of different operators change very regularly. You must therefore monitor their listings to find out where the best prices are offered, throughout the year. And in fact, RED by SFR has just released a bomb. . Against 34.99 euros for the 200 GB subscription from Bouygues Télécom.

At Sosh, we will even charge you 20.99 euros per month for only 140 GB in 5G. Hurry to take advantage of it: the batch of RED by SFR SIM cards at this price is not unlimited, we know this from experience. Indeed, with low-cost operators like RED by SFR, offers of this type are sometimes offered for only a few days. Beyond that, it is no longer possible to benefit from it.

RED by SFR uses one of the three largest 4G networks in mainland France. You should therefore be able to connect almost anywhere, in any case over more than 90% of the territory of France. As a bonus, you will be entitled to 27 GB of data in the European Union and in the overseas departments. This way, you will also have access to the internet abroad. And of course, calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited here.

RED by SFR, it's not just a simple mobile plan

you also invest in an operator who makes efforts for the environment. Indeed, RED is committed to planting trees thanks to the money collected from its customers. In fact, the ISP has already grown more than 5,000 trees in total. As a bonus, you have the possibility of taking advantage of the eSIM format. This allows you to do without the traditional physical SIM card. This alternative can be considered more ecological, because you do not receive a paper envelope with the SIM card inside. The eSIM is in fact a digital format.

With RED by SFR, you are also entitled to online invoices. You therefore do not have to receive them on paper, in your mailbox. In addition, coming back to the physical SIM card, know that even if you choose it, you are doing something for the planet. Indeed, the physical SIM card is made of recycled plastic. Moreover, RED by SFR also offers smartphones designed with other recycled materials. This is the case for the iPhone 15 Pro, which you can order with your subscription.

Among the other advantages of this French mobile plan, remember that it is also 5G compatible. Of course, you clearly won't catch this standard everywhere. But in big cities, many geographic areas are covered. What's more, the network is growing more and more. So, your mobile plan will allow you, over time, to benefit from even better coverage every day.

If you wish, it will also give you access to 35 GB of data in the EU & DOM (instead of 27). This 5 euro option also includes roaming to other countries. These are Switzerland, Andorra, the United States and Canada. On the other hand, of the 35 GB, only 20 can be used in these four states. Which is, as a general rule, more than enough to connect to the web for a whole week.

Good to know before subscribing: calls are limited to a maximum of 3 hours, per conversation. But you can quickly exceed this limit by hanging up every 3 hours, during an exchange with a correspondent.

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