Touching scenes in “The Voice of Senior”. Maryla Rodowicz was unable to hold back her tears. Difficult memories came back

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Maryla Rodowicz recalled the difficult events.

Moving scenes in

As she reminds portal “Pomponik”, Maryla Rodowicz is one of the jurors in the next edition of the program “The Voice Senior”. It was in the TVP music show that the singer decided to talk about something that had so far remained only in the sphere of speculation and rumors. What are we talking about?

The Hard Years

Maryla Rodowicz cannot consider the last few years to be overly successful, at least not in the context of her private life. The singer separated from her husband with whom she had spent the last three decades. The court battle was accompanied by a media war and accusations that Andrzej Dużyński left the artist for another woman.

Rodowicz fought in court for alimony, but the court did not agree to her request. After the divorce, the star got a villa in Konstancin, which is not entirely a blessing, because, as the artist admitted, the costs of maintaining the house are horrendously high. As long as the singer can make extra money, she's not going to complain anymore.

Maryla Rodowicz decided to reveal the truth. She did not hide her tears

Maryla Rodowicz sits on the jury of “The Voice Senior”. In the last episode of the show, Mrs. Nina appeared on the stage, who returned to singing after many years. The participant of the music show admitted that she had performed, among others, in in the United Arab Emirates. As she admitted, it all ended after the birth of the child.

The show participant admitted that after giving birth she left only once. The longing for a child turned out to be stronger than the desire to make a career. Mrs. Nina's story deeply touched Maryla Rodowicz, who admitted that she once faced the same dilemma.

She admitted that every time she left, she tried to call as often as possible, but the phones were not able to make up for the absence.

“It was a very dramatic scene when the 4-year-old son would stand in the door and say: 'You're not coming out '. And I had to leave with my suitcase packed. He was getting hysterical. Terrible. He never reminded me of it, but I feel what he feels, “said clearly moved Rodowicz.

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