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Toulouse - La Rochelle: facing the Rochelais reduced to thirteen, the Toulouse residents won the first ticket for the final, the summary

Stade Toulousain in the Top 14 final! After his big victory against à of Rochelais reduced to thirteen, Ugo Mola's players won 39-23. They will face Stade Français or Bordeaux-Bègles who will try to get the second ticket for the final tomorrow evening.

Toulouse - La Rochelle: facing the Rochelais reduced to thirteen, the Toulouse residents won the first ticket for the final, the summary

Toulouse 32: 23

Toulouse - La Rochelle: facing the Rochelais reduced to thirteen, the Toulouse residents won the first ticket for the final, the summary

END OF LIVE! Qualified for the Top 14 final, Stade Toulousain will play the match for the Brennus shield on Friday June 28 & the Orange Vélodrome. It will be against Stade Français or à l'Union Bordeaux-Bègles. 

22:45 – The summaryé of the match

The duel was expected as revenge for a sumptuous final won last season by the Toulouse team. In a meeting between Stade Toulousain and Rochelais with Matmut Atlantique as guest; Of honor, Ramos opened the scoreboard in the second minute of play (3-0, 2nd). Thanks to à a balloon carried out of school, Latu scored the first try of the match for the Rochelais (3-7, 11th). First important event, Jack Nowell leaves his partners in inferiority. digital after a yellow card the 19th minute of play. A fatal warning which allows Toulouse to return à equality after a try from Kinghorn (10-10, 22nd). The debates continue and Mallia takes advantage of a superb service from Dupont to restore the advantage to Toulouse (15-10, 31st). After Hastoy reduced the score with a penalty, Alldritt scored another try for the Rochelais before the break (15-20, 39th). nbsp;

After the break, the match took a different turn after a dangerous tackle by Atonio. The right pillar was ultimately sent off. That was all it took for Toulouse to rush in and take off in the lead. At the end of the day, Mallia was once again served by Dupont. The Argentinian cleared the opposing tackle to score the third try for the reigning French champions (22-20, 48th). A few minutes later, Chocobares improved his performance with a superb counter on Dulin to break away (29-20, 52nd). An altercation between Marchand and Wardi led to the hooker being shown a yellow card hour mark. For a header against his teammate in the French team, the La Rochelle pillar was sent off, leaving La Rochelle to finish the match with thirteen. While Hastoy reduced the score on a penalty, Lebel concluded the evening after a delicious diagonal from Ntamack (39-23, 80th).

22:40 – River match

Despite the five cards, the spectators present at the Matmut Atlantique must have enjoyed themselves in front of the offensive spectacle offered by Stade Toulousain and La Rochelle. Indeed, seven tries were scored. 

22:35 – A match âpre

Beyond&agrave of the two exclusions from La Rochelle, Tual Trainini regularly got his hands on the lead. pocket this evening. In total, five boxes were removed. out. Jack Nowell then Jack Willis and Julien Marchand lefté their partners in inferiority digital during the meeting.

22:30 – An indiscipline that is expensive

The Rochelais can blame themselves… While they led 15-20 &agrav; At half-time, Uini Atonio's dangerous tackle on Thibaud Flament reversedé the scenario of the meeting. The right pillar has been removed. excluded. À At the hour mark, Reda Wardi gave a head shot à Julien Marchand after a mishap, leaving his teammates in a double inferiority position. digital.

22:25 – Eyes turned towards tomorrow evening!

Qualified for the Top 14 final, the Toulouse residents will have their eyes on television tomorrow evening. Indeed, Stade Français and Bordeaux-Bègles compete to win the second ticket of the match for the Brennus shield.

In a stunning, fierce and very offensive match, Stade Toulousain won the first ticket for the Top 14 final after its victory against Stade Toulousain. La Rochelle (39-23). The meeting was held marked by the two exclusions from La Rochelle, the three yellow cards and the exit on stretcher of Cyril Baille.

Shortly before the siré egrave;ne, Romain Ntamack is served. In front of La Rochelle's 22 meters, the fly half sends a cross to the left wing and Matthis Lebel receives the ball in the air in front of Cancoriet. He escapes; his tackle to flatten. Ramos transforms the try! 

22:17 – Dupont leaves his place

In the last two minutes, Antoine Dupont gives up his place è Paul Graou.

22:15 – Flight stop

Successful performance this evening for Thomas Ramos! The fullback signs a volley stop at the left. two minutes of the siren.

22:14 – New entries

In the last minutes, Paul Costes and Matthis Lebel replace Pita Ahki and Blair Kinghorn.

22:12 – The pole !

Still nine points difference between the two teams after Thomas Ramos' post. 

22:11 – Alldritt leaves

For the last minutes, Alldritt gives up his place to Tanga while Thomas Ramos will launch himself once again against the poles. 

22:10 – Cancoriet pushedé in touch

À height of the median line, the Rochelais concede a throw-in and Judicaël Cancoriet cannot avoid the throw-in.

À At the start of the money-time, Thomas Ramos does not miss this opportunity. in gold and restores nine points lead to Stade Toulousain. 

22:07 – Ramos facing the poles< /h3>

Quentin Lespiaucq locks himself in and allows à Peato Mauvaka to be rewarded on his scratching. 

22:04 – Rochelaise fault

Sur the melee, the La Rochelle pack is sanctioned. 

22:04 – M& ecirc;lée closedée

The Rochelais were unable to extricate the ball & time also and concession of the closed melee. The game is stopped a few seconds for new bleeding.

22:01 – Toulouse at fault

On two successive actions, Toulouse commit a fault and Antoine Hastoy finds a touchline in the Toulouse camp.

After a Toulouse foul, Ronan O'Gara orders his players to take the three points and Antoine Hastoy puts Stade Rochelais back to six points. 

After viewing à In the video, Julien Marchand gets a yellow card for provoking Reda Wardi. For his part, the La Rochelle pillar is sent off for headbutting the Toulouse player.

21:52 – New call for the video

After another scrum, tempers flare and Tual Trainini wants to watch a potential header from Wardi on Marchand.

21:51 – Leyds too short

On the scrum push, the Rochelais gain an advantage and Antoine Hastoy looks for Dillyn Leyds with a diagonal kick. The kick is ultimately too long. 

21:49 – Ramos saves his side

Thomas Ramos had seen everything and clears the ball out of bounds after a low kick.

21:48 – Precious Colombe

After La Rochelle tackles Ntamack, Colombe gets down well and steals the ball. The right pillar is rewarded.


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