Toulouse, land of international space fantasy

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Toulouse is the city of space in France and in Europe. Attractive, the pink city attracts start-ups that want to enter this market.

Toulouse, land of fantasy of international space

There is no shortage of space companies in France. Although they all work in very different fields, they often have one thing in common: they are from Toulouse. The pink city is the capital of space in France but also in Europe. With the presence of ArianeGroup and Airbus, access to space is easier there. Connections between companies happen naturally. In total 25% of space-related jobsare based in the Occitan capital.

Toulouse: the city of space

In the list of companies based in Toulouse, a new name stands out. The Canadians of Connektica have just put down their boxes and arrived in town. Founded in Montreal in 2019, the company offers “a testing and supply chain management platform that meets the requirements of satellite integrators and component manufacturers.< /em>

In other words, the company is standardizing radio frequency, thermal resistance or mechanical testing of satellites. A job very useful for research and development but also for the final preparations before a launch. These tests are mandatory for start-ups that want to work with industry giants like CNES, ArianeGroup or other state-owned companies.

Supported by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), the young Quebec startup has just raised 2 million euros, thus ensuring its presence in the Toulouse space landscape for a few more years. Already used by companies Atem, MDA Corporation and Anywaves, Connektica's platform hopes to find new customers in the Occitan capital.

Working with Toulouse space companies

She explains that she wants to reach the bar of 15 employees in the French South-West by the end of 2024. An ambitious objective for the company which will have to convince those around it of the need of his service. In general, start-ups carry out compliance tests themselves before a launch or for R&D.

Often due to a lack of resources, the use of a third-party service is quite rare and the tests are sometimes carried out in a hurry which can have serious consequences for the rest of the missions. All the added value of Connektica lies in this ability to conduct tests in a professional manner.

Supported by the regional incubator Nubbo and the economic development agency of the Occitanie region (Ad'Occ) , Connektica arrives in Toulouse with ambitions. We will now have to follow the development of the young Quebec shoot in the pink city. With 12,000 employees and 400 companies in the nearby Toulouse region, Connektica couldn't find a better place to approach clients.

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