“Towards self-destruction”: Kim Jong-un told why the DPRK launches missiles towards Japan

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In North Korea, they believe that they have created the most powerful strategic weapon. However, foreign experts have a different opinion.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said tests of a newly developed intercontinental ballistic missile confirmed that his country has another “reliable and maximally powerful” weapon to deter external threats, in particular the United States. The Associated Press writes about this.

According to him, provocations allegedly from Washington will lead to its “self-destruction”.

The publication writes that North Korean state media reported that Kim Jong-un watched the launch of the Hwaseong-17 rocket. His wife Ri Sol Ju, as well as other high-ranking officials of the DPRK, watched with him.

However, as journalists write, some experts believe that the Hwaseong-17 missile is still under development, but is already Pyongyang's longest-range ballistic weapon, designed to carry multiple nuclear warheads to defeat US missile defense systems.

North Korean officials call the Hwaseong-17 missile the most powerful strategic weapon in the world. Moreover, Kim himself, according to the AP, indicated that his country is forced to further strengthen its “overwhelming nuclear deterrence” because the alleged military threats from the United States are becoming more transparent.

“Kim Jong-un solemnly stated that if the enemies continue to threaten the DPRK by frequently using nuclear weapons, our party and government will resolutely respond to nuclear weapons with nuclear weapons and to all-out confrontation with total confrontation,” the Korean Central News Agency said ( KCNA).

AP reporters write that Kim's statement suggests that North Korea will continue its weapons testing as the United States seeks to strengthen its security commitments to South Korea and Japan.

We also recall that Biden threatened the DPRK with a response to nuclear missile tests. According to the American president, there will most likely be no attempt by China to invade Taiwan.