Toxic golems. On the beaches of Australia noticed poisonous “stones” that can kill by touch

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  • Toxic golems. Poisonous «stones» that can kill by touch have been spotted on the beaches of Australia

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  • Toxic golems. Poisonous

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  •  Toxic golems: Poisonous 'rocks' that can kill with a touch spotted on Australian beaches


  •  Toxic golems: Poisonous

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  • Toxic golems. On the beaches Australia noticed poisonous

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  •  Toxic golems: Poisonous 'stones' spotted on Australian beaches that can kill with a touch

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 Toxic golems. Poisonous

The world's most toxic stone fish hide in sand and stones, and their sharp spikes contain poison that can kill in a matter of minutes.

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Stone fish are the golems of the sea world. They are rightfully considered the most toxic fish in the world – one contact with their sharp spikes is enough to die from pain shock or heart failure, writes the Daily Star.

Naturalist Daniel Brown explored rock pools at Lee Point, near the northern Australian city of Darwin. The researcher and colleagues tried to find here the most poisonous octopus in the world (the blue-ringed octopus), but stumbled upon something else.

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According to Brown, he miraculously managed to avoid contact with stone fish, which lurked on the beach and camouflaged in the sand. Fortunately, there were no casualties. However, the naturalist warns that vacationers need to be very careful not to encounter these toxic “golems”.

Note that stone fish do not attack first, as a rule, they strike the last blow. These fish are able to hide in sand or rocks and wait for their prey, and when it is above their head, they make a lightning attack in just 0.015 seconds.

 Toxic golems: Poisonous

 Toxic golems: Poisonous

According to Professor Brian Fry, who heads the Poison Evolution Laboratory at the University of Queensland, these fish are actually the most toxic fish in the world . First, their venom is quite complex. Secondly, it prevents blood clotting, damages muscles, causes paralysis and affects the rhythm of the heart.

On the back of stone fish are 13 sharp spikes that contain their toxic poison. If a person comes into contact with the spikes of a fish and the poison gets into the flesh, in the very first minutes a person can die from a severe pain shock. If you still manage to survive these minutes, the poison can kill you in the next half hour, causing a cardiovascular collapse.

Brian warns that stone fish are quite common off the coast of Australia, and therefore vacationers should be extremely careful. The researchers also note that if, nevertheless, a meeting with a stone fish could not be avoided, then it is better to try not to disturb it.