TPMP: “Where does the money come from? “, the owners of a squatted house indicted for drug trafficking

TPMP: “Where does the money come from?”, owners of a squatted house indicted for trafficking in narcotics

New twist in the story of this couple who bought a house that is squatted. In TPMP, new information has been revealed. We tell you more here.

A few days ago, a couple told their incredible story to our colleagues from Paris. It is about Laurent and Elodie who have become owners of a house in the Paris region. A dream that turned into a nightmare, since their house was squatted. In the video unveiled by le Parisien, the couple explains that they cannot access their property. And this story quickly made the rounds on social networks. So much so that Cyril Hanouna insisted on inviting them to TPMP. In the broadcast, Laurent and Elodie claimed to have learned of the presence of squatters only after the signing at the notary, in May 2022.

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Over time, doubts began to arise about the veracity of this story. The couple was then suspected of having lied on part of their declarations. Monday June 13, 2022, Cyril Hanouna therefore received Laurent for the second time. He confesses that he knew the house was squatted. Maison had let him know it was a casual squat. In no way did he know that a family was settled in his home. Raymondthen rose up. He does not understand how in 8 months he has not been to see his house once. For several columnists, there is a trick. Cyril Hanouna, he thinks that the couple played a trick to dislodge the squatters by appealing to the media.

“They took people for idiots”

But this Tuesday, June 14, 2022, there was a new twist! Cyril Hanounainforms that the couple has been indicted in a drug trafficking case since October 2021. They are also “indicted for illicit possession of category B and C weapons and participation in a criminal association for the preparation of a crime. Information revealed by RTL which made a lot of noise in TPMP. Gilles Verdez then wonders “where did the money come from” they got to buy the house. For her part, Danielle Moreau feels that the couple “took people for idiots”. As for Guillaume Genton, he declares: “the media release scoops to discredit him, but at the base it is the victims! ». Cyril Hanouna then let it be known that Laurent would be on set tomorrow to explain himself.

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