TPMP: “You don't understand anything”, Delphine Wespiser tackled by a guest

TPMP: “You don't understand anything”, Delphine Wespiser tackled by a guest

This Friday, June 10, the tone rose between Delphine Wespiser and a guest on the Touche set not at my post. The object of the debate? Bullfighting.

To have good debates, you need enthusiastic participants. And that, Cyril Hanouna understood it well. On the set of TPMP, a team of five-star columnists take part in the debates that make the news. However, be careful not to incur the wrath of the show's conductor. Matthieu Delormeau knows something about it! Among the protagonists of the program, Delphine Wespiser. The former Miss France joined the TPMP team in 2018. In four seasons, the Alsatian has carved out a place for herself on C8. In 2021, she notably presented Waf waf wouf wouf alongside Benjamin Castaldi and Bernard Montiel. And for good reason, the columnist has made animal welfare her battle horse.

On Friday, the show returned to the controversy sparked by Carole Bouquet. Indeed, the actress was pinned by The League of Animals for having attended a bullfight. To discuss it, the comedian Yannis Ezziadi, defender of bullfighting, was invited. Delphine castigated the fight led by the guest. She comments:“In 2022, we are so evolved… We evolve absolutely on everything, and I find that these practices are from another time “. The young woman continues:I think it’s not an art, it’s not my culture. And you should know that bullfighting is illegal because it is an act of cruelty. It’s only allowed in bullfighting towns”.

The guest raised his voice

Facing the Miss, the defender of the practice did not not disassembled. He replies, “I wouldn't do that to my dog ​​because a dog is not a bull! You don't understandanything! The guest went on to accuse Delphine of being a city girl who knows nothing about animals. This attack put the columnist beside herself. The Alsatian refuted these remarks by claiming to be “everything but a city girl”. The animal advocate continued her argument:“We would be outraged if we pierced a cat, a dog or a horse and we did it for a bull. The abuse is the same, it’s illegal.

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