Track saboteur. Pozitiv recorded the last Russian-language song (video)


    Trek-saboteur . Pozitiv recorded the last Russian-language song (video)

    Previously, almost all the artist's songs were written in Russian.

    33-year-old Ukrainian singer Alexei Zagorodniy, better known as Pozitiv, presented his latest Russian-language song. The musician told Insider about the filming of the video, life in war conditions and the hate on social networks.

    The former member of the Vremya i Steklo group noted that the new song “Nothing Personal” was written in the first month of the war. Then Alexey, together with some colleagues, went to the suburbs of Kyiv. Among them was the author of the hit Zavgorodny and Dorofeeva “Smoke”. It turns out that Andrey Beskrovny wrote the first Ukrainian-language song “Time and Glass” and the last Russian-language one.

    “We could not believe that everything would be so serious, terrible and bloody. Of course, any news about explosions, arrivals, “Occupation of our peaceful cities is a great tragedy. Aggression and anger overwhelmed us all… Jokingly, we call it a 'saboteur track' because it is written in Russian,” Aleksey Zagorodny admitted to the journalists of the publication.

    In particular, Oleksiy spoke about his active charitable work and the importance of staying artists in Ukraine during a full-scale war. According to the singer, he went abroad only for the sake of charity performances.

    “I think that all media people should be an example for the people and communicate in Ukrainian in public. Likewise, songs should be written in Ukrainian , because Russian is the language of the enemy,” Zavgorodniy said.

    Pozitiv believes that Ukrainians have passed a difficult and turning point in their development as a nation.

    “We, as a nation, became more responsible and conscious…Our values ​​have changed. To be honest, the material has faded into the background,” the singer said.


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