Trains in a UK county have been suspended due to a “very large” turtle on the tracks


August 3, 2022, 4:30 p.m. | Animals

The train left with a 75-minute delay.

Train traffic in the district of Great Britain was suspended due to a

In England, several trains departed with a delay due to a turtle that ended up on the tracks, Ukr.Media informs.

< p>Train passenger Diana Akers said in her social networks that she noticed a large turtle at the station, which slowly crawled along the rail. According to the woman, the animal was in a bad condition with a damaged shell, so it needed the help of specialists.

After Diana's post went viral, people became interested in the turtle's fate. This led to the problem being brought to the attention of station staff, who arranged to help the animal.

In the end, trains left the station with a 74-minute delay, but the turtle is now safe. She was taken to veterinarians, where she is under the supervision of specialists. The police are investigating how the animal ended up on the tracks, and the railway company has apologized to passengers.


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