Transnistria announced its desire to join Russia


Transnistria has expressed its desire to join to Russia

Moldova banned entry into the country of the Russian military from the operational group in Transnistria. The Foreign Ministry of the unrecognized “PMR” said that Moldova's withdrawal from the peace agreement would be a prerequisite for a military conflict.

Pridnestrovie wants to achieve independence and become part of Russia in the future. This statement was made by Foreign Minister of the unrecognized PMR Vitaly Ignatiev in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The official explained this decision as a result of the referendum on September 17, 2006. Then the former head of the Central Election Commission of the “PMR” Petr Denisenko said that 97% of the referendum participants were in favor of independence and the subsequent accession of the region to the Russian Federation.

“The vector of Pridnestrovie has remained unchanged throughout all the years of the existence of the republic, which is reflected in the results of the referendum on September 17, 2006, which clearly states: independence with subsequent free accession to the Russian Federation. The independence of the country is an absolute priority,” Ignatiev said.

Pridnestrove announced its desire to join to Russia

International legal arguments in defense of sovereignty and recognition of the self-proclaimed republic have long been formed, and hardly anyone is able to challenge them, the Foreign Minister added.

“Pridnestrovie will not make any decisions to the detriment of the half-million people of the country, it will act pragmatically and honestly,” he said.

The situation in Pridnestrovie is a risk of war with Moldova

A prerequisite for the start of military action in Transnistria could be Moldova's withdrawal from the 1992 agreement on the principles of the peaceful settlement of the armed conflict could become a prerequisite for the start of hostilities, Ignatiev continued.

“If Moldova legally withdraws from the July 21, 1992 agreement, such a destructive step could serve as a prerequisite for military action, as it returns the situation to a state of conflict between Moldova and Transnistria,” the Foreign Minister said.

Pridnestrove declared its desire to join Russia

The peacekeeping mission is the only effective means capable of ensuring peace and physical security of the half-million population of the “MRT”.

Director of the 2nd Department of the CIS countries of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexei Polishchuk said that Moldova's unfriendly actions could lead to an escalation of the situation in Pridnestrovie. As an example, he cited the detentions of Russian officers who were sent to Pridnestrovie.

“Russian officers who were sent to Pridnestrovie to complete the Russian contingent on a rotational basis were detained many times at the Chisinau airport without explanation. We regard such actions as unfriendly and always properly respond to them,” he said.

Russian troops were preparing a rotation – Moldova did not let them in

On July 21, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova banned the entry into the country of the Russian military of the operational group in the “PMR”.

Officers of the operational group of Russian troops are considered illegal formations in Moldova and violate the status of neutrality”.

“The Foreign Ministry reiterates the position of the Moldovan authorities regarding the need to unconditionally resume the process of withdrawing Russian troops and ammunition depots from our country,” said the speaker of the ministry, Daniel Vode.

The Russian military group in the “PMR”

An operational group of Russian troops (OGRF) is deployed in Pridnestrovie, it includes about 1 thousand soldiers and officers. They are busy conducting a peacekeeping operation and guarding military depots in Kolbasna with more than 20,000 tons of ammunition.

Pridnestrovie declared its desire to join Russia

Moldova wants the complete withdrawal of the OGRF and proposes to replace the peacekeepers with a group of military observers. The Transnistrian authorities are against such a development of events and consider the Russian peacekeepers a guarantee of security.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said earlier that a strike from Transnistria would be a global mistake. According to him, for Ukraine “it will be a slap in the face, and the PMR will receive a blow in response.”


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