Treatment in Switzerland: the country refused to accept Ukrainians wounded during the war


Treatment in Switzerland: the country refused to accept Ukrainians wounded during the war

The decision of the Swiss authorities applies to all those injured during the hostilities – both military and civilians.

< p> The federal authorities of Switzerland have rejected NATO's proposal to host the wounded Ukrainian military for rehabilitation. This is with reference to the Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger according to Swiss Info.

According to journalists, in May, the authorities of some Swiss cantons expressed their readiness to help the Ukrainian military, who were wounded during a full-scale war. The corresponding request was originally received from the North Atlantic Alliance, in particular, from the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Center. This NATO body specializes in the evacuation of persons for the purpose of their treatment at the international level.

After receiving a corresponding request, a number of Swiss departments – the Coordinating Medical Service of the Swiss Army, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Federal Office of Public Health – vetoed the corresponding step.

As a justification for this decision, the federal authorities of the state indicated a neutral status Switzerland in accordance with international law. In particular, the Geneva Convention and the Hague Agreement of 1907 require neutral states to ensure that the military who underwent rehabilitation on their territory could no longer take part in hostilities.

However, Switzerland refused to accept wounded civilians persons from Ukraine, since it is extremely difficult to distinguish them from the military, according to the federal authorities. Instead, Swiss officials prefer to help the victims by sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine's civilian hospitals.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian authorities are planning to build a National Rehabilitation Center for war victims Unbroken (“Unbreakable”) in Lviv. The relevant announcement was made earlier by the Ministry of Health.


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